A drunken dream or broken seam It doesn’t matter how you find me

Here I sit munching salt and vinegar snakes and ladders (I kid ye not, clearly a marvel of a consumerist society), and listening to Leona Naess as she sings…

“All the shadows have made ladders
And all that mattered, yes all that matters
Is lifted from view”

..and I begin to wonder if there is going to be some significance of ladders in today for me. I dreampt about putting my red trousers in a full bath of water, I wonder what Jung would have to say about that. Well according to a dream symbol website (clearly this is totally legit stuff…) trouser (or pants) are meant to be a sign of covering up your sexual feelings or the hidden source of your true energy, red corresponds to sexuality and passion, and bath represents confronting feelings of guilt or negativity. Gosh, that’s rather a neat story, it sounds like my unconscious wants me to become a burlesque dancer!

I’ve made leaps and bounds in the area of considering myself worthy of nice things. I have bough myself a new summer dress, new earring studs that are in the shape of zipper tabs (this amused me greatly), a necklace ( of the simple black lace choker variety) and a thoroughly sexy white (GOOOD LORD! I KNOW!) top for summer riding – you know the type that comes with some kind of flattening (yes I meant that not flattering) under support or whatever. Why can’t they make those things at the same price in another (ANY OTHER) colour – seriously Horses + exercise + white = visible filth. Even though I’m home alone cleaning the bathrooms, I donned the dress and necklace so I feel awesome regardless :D. I don;t know if its the bleach or or what, but I have a suspect throat tickle coming on and I really hope that the infectious lurgey going around the lab hasn’t decided I’m a worthy hostess. I was so certain this time around that I wasn’t going to get sick, I didn’t even breathe through my tshirt when the inflicted zombies were nearby (a known psychological deterrent for viruses that I mocked a colleague for doing). Curses.

Right, well, reading back through the above,  it seems a lot like I don’t actually have anything to say at the moment, just inane drivel, so all I have to say is that I’ll be looking out for ladders for the rest of the day.

you already got a lyric in the title from Leona naess’ promise to try, so you don’t need another one.

One thought on “A drunken dream or broken seam It doesn’t matter how you find me

  1. Spring cleaning in a summer dress!

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