on the necessity for privacy and the right to express oneself

As human beings we are creative and expressive creatures. Some show more interest in developing their artistic or philosophical side, and others choose to focus rather more on practical matters, the physical limitations or lengths to which our bodies can be pushed, or the degrees of logic which the human brain is capable of bestowing.

It is our born right to choose which parts of ourselves we want to develop, or not, and with whom we so choose to share those parts. sone being very private, and others being developed for the inclusion, entertainment and or connection to others, or indeed, other parts of yourself.

I choose to diarize my musings here. this is nothing more than a temporary depository for unfinished thoughts, dreams and questions. What could be so offensive about that? What could be so dangerous? Well I am not interested in exposing any personal information about anyone, or any shocking views, or indeed creating some kind of following. This is largely or myself. To communicate in text who the parts of me which don’t click that well together and need type or pen and paper in order to communicate. If friends are interested in my rambling and randomness then they are welcome to read all they like, but ironically I am ashamed to let my partner read this as I fear the judgement and criticism, not to mention piss-taking so for now, the bulk of my written nonsense etc will be kept under password protection.
If you are reading this dear, prove me wrong. Tell me my writing is not pathetic and derivative, go on.surprise me.

If anyone wishes desperately to see this content then email me for the password. By anyone I mean the two people who know this exists…
I guess although I thought could publicly express my inarticulate self, it would seem that prudence has got the better of me, and some degree of privacy must be entertained.
How can anyone keep something a secret these days? It’s so sad, there just isn’t any mystery anymore is there?


Freedom and responsibility

There is a delicate balance between responsibility and freedom. I felt this balance quiver as I rode out for the first time on horseback by myself. It may have only been for some 10-15 mins but for that time, the horse and I were free to do whatsoever we liked..mostly trotting away from her best friend and owner, followed by mostly trotting back..but I was also responsible for both of our safety. Double checking for cars and bottles and keeping a check on her and my anxiety levels as we ventured into this unknown state of independence, no, dependence, no. I don’t know the word. But it was exhilarating to know I was competent enough to control and communicate with her as we moved forwards, and that even though I was afraid of something going dreadfully wrong, we calmly returned home to greet a very agitated horse who thought his best friend had been taken away forever! I guess when you take on responsibilities, say buying a property, you earn freedom, say from landlords. And when you make a bid for freedom, say going travelling alone, you have ti take full responsibility for what happens to you. Never really made the connection before.

Thats all.

The picture is a photo of an experiment I did last week. I thought it was pretty.