So – here it is – the unfinished story that I and my then best friend wrote when we were hmm aged 9? something like that!

Ok this is going to be a work in progress updating this page – its taking forever to upload etc!a022                                                  Hotspur, Captain and Tovell galdwin foxy cricket Champion cathney carla

The voices of Oakly Woods
Chapter 1 – A slow start

A dew drop fell onto Misty’s nose as she promptly galloped underneath the great oak. A group of horses grazed on a rather large field. It has just been raining and the grass was wet and sweet. The horses liked it in the field but Hotspur started to say things like
“It is beginning to get a bit boring in this field, should we go somewhere else to live?”
He even suggested travelling around the world. The other horses were a bit hesitant for they would miss the field dreadfully. Then again they would like to see something new. There was a sustaining silence before anybody spoke but then Foxy spoke
“I hope you all understand that you have a choice to come with us or to stay here in the field”
So all the horses chose, but strangely only Coco was to stay
Whinnied Cambra for she had heard he was not going
Answered Coco
“Why are you not coming?”
Cambra questioned
“Will I be lonely?”
Asked Coco
“Yes you will be lonely”
Said Midnight as he cantered past.
“Then I am coming”
Decided Coco
“Well it is settled, we are all going”
Hotspur said. The start of the journey was a bit tough because the rain was falling and the wind was blowing. The next morning Tally was the first to wake for she heard an owl. She told the others to get up. It was quite hard because there were so many of them, there were about thirty of them. Once they were all up they started to travel on again. They galloped through the dandelion fields and the wind stroked their manes and tails.
“Can’t we rest?”
Complained Dumpy
“’I’m awfully tired”
“But we haven’t even got to Oakly woods yet”
Said Shadow disappointingly
“Let poor Dumpy rest for a while”
Said Captain, so they all stopped for a bit until Dumpy caught his breath. They went on quite slowly until they got to a big field, then they had some games in the field until they all fell asleep. In the morning Sunny woke and saw that rabbits were jumping up and down. Sunny spoke to the rabbits and asked for directions to Oakly Wood. When she spoke the other horses heard her and got up. They had a race to the border of the field and a jumping contest over the barrier. As they traveled they neighed and trotted. Uphill they went. It was hard going uphill. For four hours they went uphill. They were so tired but they had to get to the top of the hill to sleep properly. When they were half way up Midnight said
“Don’t worry we’re nearly there”
But they had to go a long way until they got to the top of the peak.
“So far we have done quite well travelling this far but we have a long way to go yet”
Said Hotspur as they got to the top of the hill. The Tally asked
“Where are we heading for anyway?”
Hotspur answered
“The great Lake”
Everyone was silent for a minute.
“All the way to the great lake?”
Exclaimed Cambra
“Yes” said Hotspur
Said Coco
Said Midnight
“Yes, yes and double yes!”
Shouted Hotspur, who was getting a bit frustrated. They were ever so tired and after five minutes they were asleep. The next morning all of the horses were woken by Hotspur who had shouted
“Everybody up!”

And every body got up. They all found blackberries and clover. There was a dip that was filled with water and they drank some. Trovell did a forward roll right into the dip and landed in the water. She crawled out all muddy and wet. She shook herself coughing and spluttering. A mink pounced across the field with it’s tail trailing behind him. It looked at Lightning and squeaked then ran off.
“We had better head off now or we will never get anywhere, it looks like there’s going to be a big storm”
They galloped on as fast as their legs could carry them. Mud flew up behind them as the galloped swiftly. Misty looked muddy all over and Captain was muddy on his legs. A spot of rain fell on Lucky’s back. Copper looked up.
“It’s going to hail”
Then a whole load of hail stones poured down from the sky. All the horses galloped on, at last the storm was over.
“I’ve gone further than you!”
Shouted Sharade, flicking her tail. Well, she was in the lead all the way.
“I’m second”
Said Hotspur when the horses finished the argument and it was all quiet Dumpy started going off in another direction.
Shouted Captain
“Come back”
Captain went galloping off after him. Finally he caught up with Dumpy.
“We must stick together”
Said Captain
“You never know who’s about”
“oh alright keep your hair on”
Said Lucky, who rather liked Dumpy. Everybody loved Lucky. She was short, plump, black with a white blaze and had that adorable look and was very kind hearted. The sun blazed down from the sky and it felt like being cooked in the oven. Captain found a group of trees which they cooled off in.
“We better get ahead now”
Said misty
“I don’t know”
Said Foxy
“Why don’t we rest here”
Said Copper
“Why don’t we go to the great waterfalls”
Said Sharade who was always in the lead
“Why don’t we have races to that big poppy field?”
Said Sunny
Said Captain who had been getting a bit impatient.
“We will stay here for the night”
Said Captain. They all settled down and were all soon fast asleep. Then ight was long and most were very sweaty.

Chapter 2 – Melborough Falls

They woke up quite late that morning

“Let’s try and make it to Melborough falls, I think it’s quite near here”

Said Captain rolling around in a mud pool getting mud all over himself

“well I don’t think we will get that far”

Snapped Hotspur

“Coco don’t keep running round that tree and anyway it’s my turn to be it”

Said Trovell

“Come on”

Said captain. They all galloped through the lovely warm grass. T was again a scorching day the found that the gallop came to a canter then a trot, then well it was obvious they had to stop and rest.

“Look there it is the Melborough falls!”

Squeaked Trixie, with excitement because she was a mountain pony and had very thick fur and was looking forward to cooling off in the water even though it was a rare treat to be in the sun


Said Tally as she slid down the mossy bank and plunged into the clear icy cold water with fish darting underneath trying not to get trodden on. An otter surfaced for air and had noticed them talking

“It’s  paradise here isn’t it”

He said

“Sure is”

Answered Lucky as she trotted under the flowing fall, as it poured down on her.

Dumpy decided not to go too deep or under the waterfall but he sat in the shallowest end. Near the falls there was a small hill that caught Misty’s eye as she slowly waded through the water.


She said

“on the hill”

The horses turned to look. On the hill was a black stallion. The stallion stood at the highest peak of the hill, the wind whistled through his mane as he stood still. Midnight smiled and didn’t gasp like the others. He too a deep breath and shouted


The stallion turned round and gave a neigh of delight and scrambled down the crumbly hill. He waded through the icy cold water splashing Dumpy who was quite content and ran off and tripped over. He had fallen on some very sharp stones and gave a shriek of pain.

“ow, ow, ow!


Said champion. Champion was very handsome and had a very shiny coat and had a star on his forelock. The sun started to go down and they settled down, a ripple came to the water.

“What’s that”

Said Trixie with a quiver

“It’s only me”

Came a voice

“oh hello Cricket”

“Whats the matter here”

“You’re laying on my supply of fish!”

“everybody up”

Said Champion.

“There’s no need for an apology for we’re all awake”

Said Captain. They all got up and cricket hunted for his fish covering himself in moss and squidgy mud and a snail crawled up his nose and made a shiny trail, his fur was all on end and the horses watched in amazement.

“I’m sure I left my fish here somewhere”

Said the otter struggling to his feet.

“If only I could find my fish

He sninffed

“Then I could go home”

“Why don’t you go home”

Said Trixie

“Because I’m hungry”

Said Cricket

“and we’re tired”

Said Trixie (who was getting a bit impatient)

“yes why don’t you catch some more?”

Said  Lucky trying to cheer up everybody else even though she was getting tired too.

“I give up then”

Said Cricket who was thirsty and hot

“You don’t give up that easy do you?”

Said Champion

“Look why don’t we help him, hey?”

“Would you?”

He said drying the tears in his eyes. They searched everywhere but there was no sign of the missing fish.

“Maybe you buried them in the water”

Said Misty. He zoomed off in the direction of the waterfall and all they heard was a loud splash. Trovell spotted a spray of water and a tail wagged with excitement and then another  splash and then Cricket came out with a beautiful rainbow trout.

“I guess that I won’t have to search for my fish now”

He said in a happy voice.

“Well at least we can get some sleep now, I’m exhausted”

Said Coco who was the youngest horse there and layed down saying goodnight in a very quiet voice and as soon as you could say “goodnight Coco” he was asleep, fast asleep, as sound as a lamb. The rest were not very tired but the ones that were tired fell asleep.

“What were your adventures like on your own?”

Said Cluster.

“Wonderful, heaven, spectacular. I’ll tell you about some if you want”

They all sat round the adventurous horse and he told many great stories. They didn’t quite get to listen to all the stories, they all had a quiet night. They all rose before the sun but could not find Champion. They saw cricket and asked was his supper good. It was superb, that was what Cricket thought, and they also asked if he had seen Champion.

“Oh yes”

He said









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