Operation tv exchange: superreal pictures and cringing

Finally after three years of consideration, we  decided it was time to replace the old daewoo bedroom tv…it’s a huge-ass crt weighing in at 40 kilos. Aside from its monumental bulk, it also makes a whining noise when on standby (which is all night) and the screen occasionally goes a bit mental and it starts sqealing. I’m not really one for loving those electrical goods shops, so the first acceptable tv and a sharp exit were my primary aims. Sadly my partner has more discerning taste (higher expectations than just, um a screen that decodes tv channels into a passable picture without the above annoyances) so a few possibles were identified, and one chosen….no we are not paying an extra £200 for 1600hz…who even needs that? So much money spendage later we got our new 42″ panasonic beastie wrangled into the living room. But isn’t 42″ a bit massive for a small living room? Actually because the border is thin and silver, it looks less imposing than the 36″ Sony that was there before. Honest. Sony into the bedroom, then hmm. What to do with the old one? It still works so it’s a waste to take it to the tip, plus….if we sell it or give away then someone else gets to jar their back taking down the stairs. Unto my local gumtree and freecycle wenteth I.
Ask a fiver for something and none wants to know, offer it for free and everyone wants it!!
Having these kind of adverts is a bizarre experience, you wait for someone to respond, reply immediately and then they say nothing….have they changed their mind? Do you offer it to someone else? Eventually you offer it to person 2…who’s usually changed their mind, you pop out of the house for 20 mins and come back to 5 emails from person one irately asking for urgent replies!! (I find it a tad offensive to get a message saying only ‘need address’) so eventually you have to give them your address and phone number but are they actually going to turn up? Who knows! On this occasion I got a call from what sounded like an elderly couple. Now, as tactfully as I could, I questioned the carrying of the tv down the stairs, and the guy kind of sniggered and said it would be ok. Upon arrival, it is indeed a 55-60ish year old couple and their grandkid. Now. I have already told them I’m not carrying it down the stairs but I felt like such a terrible person, going back into the flat and leaving them to it….5 mins later I was wracked with thoughts than oneor other could have hurt their back, or had a heart attack, or slipped, or droppedthe TV so i snuck out into the stairwell to listen
Thankfully they’d made it down stairs and we’re getting the car…I couldn’t leave the window until I knew they had safely driven off but obviously couldn’t let them see me. Being such a vicarious coward, I hid in the corner and was stick there until they drive off! Huzzah! Operation complete! I hope they are happy with their free tv with remote control and batteries 😉

So this newfangled jobbie.. The picture is very good.
A little too good perhaps?
Again (last time in Slovenia) I experience filming that looks hyper-real, overly sharp, a bit too real….so that films etc look to me like they are shot like British soaps…but…they aren’t it just looks too Argh! It’s more detailed in distant items than I can see in real life…so it’s bizarre.
Don’t get me started on the 3D…

Dior Addict fluid stick? Go on then…

No prizes for guessing who splashed out on some fancy schamzy lip products for easter..

That’s right…yours truly fell into the dior trap and crawled out poorer but also, yknow..richer 😉

The new dior lip product Dior Addict Fluid Stick was launched only days ago. I saw a review of it in a magazine the other week and was desperate to have a try!!! The problems I have with lipsticks are
1. They dry out my lips
2. They get patchy
3. They feel heavy or sticky
4. I can’t apply them accurately

Fluid Stick was designed for people like me 🙂 the packaging is just too adorable, just like the packaging for addict lipstick but you can see the actual lip colour through the case in the shape of a lipstick. The application process is just like a lipgloss (YAY) and mistakes can be easily rectified before the colour dries. The initial finish is glossy but rich and feels light, like an unsticky gloss. The colour is long lasting and rather than smearing off after hours, it leaves a moisturised stain on the lips (in a good way) once the shine has worn off. The colour range is pleasant, I found minuit to be what I was looking for (something a little darker than ‘red carpet’ but still red coloured).
Even SO admitted it didn’t make me look ill (that’s a prettybigcompliment)… Then just as I saw a bit of the dreaded colour bleeding the lovely dior lady came to my rescue with a universal lipliner that you can use with any shade! Amazing! I’ve been looking for a lip liner forever but was never happy with the colours…now I have one that matches EVERY COLOUR!!
I don’t know if I was just being overly sensitive, but I’m sure people were looking at me in a way they didn’t pre-dior lip splurge. I only hope it wasn’t the looks of ‘oh honey, that lipstick with that Skintone?’
Happy easter to me!!!
And happy easter to you too 🙂 xx
I hope someone bought you some dior and you didn’t have to buy it for yourself!!

Ps had a little girl with a tiara moment…didn’t want to remove makeup to go to bed cos I loved it so much…hehe.

Recognising the need for introspection and expression


Time to breathe now i hope.
Time to take a look at all those half-finished thoughts, those hanging lines, these unharmonious ravings. Time to look beyond the mundane and trivial, and scratch the grimey surface of all those festering words that have so failed to tumble their inelegant way onto my wordpress for months, instead stagnating in a corner of my mind, content to be left undisturbed, but mutating and growing stranger as the hours pass.

I will go there. I will scratch the surface. And I will tell you what I find.

Before I go, some words of advice. If you have a migraine in the morning, do not expose yourself to strobe lighting in the evening. It’s not fun. It’s really too much. Standing in a sweaty crowd scrunching your eyes up to avoid the pain, swigging water and trying to remember to breath is not ranking that highly in my favourite things to do in Cambridge

What a lovely morning.
If a car gives my bike and I less than 10cm of room they are likely to get a kneejerk response. Today’s phrase was “fuckin’ell mate! D’ya wanna get any closer?” it made him look, and presumably check he hadn’t hit me.

The dentist insisted on using anaesthetic, and using one of those metal band jobbies around the offending tooth…only..my teeth are the tightest together she has ever seen. Now I’m no expert, but when the drill goes back in my mouth after failed band fitting, I have to worry for the remaining healthy tooth parts. Many mins and several horrid attempts to affix said band passed but it was finally placed.  now for the alkaline whatever it was, to protect the nerve (you drilled up to my nerve???) and many amalgam shots later, the delightful band was removed. Aah all over…
Not so.
At this point she decides she needs to be able to floss between the newly filled and neighbouring teeth…but…the floss won’t go…so she leans on my teeth, traps my upper lip, stretches my mouth and generally causes distress and discomfort until the floss snaps in my face (still having not gone through the gap). Now I was treated to something new..a bit of wooden wedge was shoved between the teeth to force a gap so that she could floss it.

Finally I’m told I’m free to leave, feeling lightheaded, bruised and traumatised. I so miss my old dentist ( I walked past her office and saw her at work from the corridor to this room…why did she have to change to private only? Virginia, I miss you!! This is the first filling I’ve has (and I’ve had lots) that is coldsensitive..
Before filling it wasn’t in any way troublesome, just a bit of an iffy colour.

Once that was all over, I was notified of a sinister smell coming from a bin downstairs at work . I was the only person KNOWN to have thrown things in there so I had to deal with it…it was an unprecedented stench, which turns out most likely stemmed from a chopped up two week old rotten cow heart (not deposited by me, but that I was under the impression had been sent for incineration). Now i know what dead things smell like, and to be honest, I wish I didn’t…

A renewed fear of the dentist, and other horrible things that happened to me today

I have been known to pour juice on my cereal by mistake but today I caught myself pouring cereal into a mug. What???

I was annoyingly energetic and happy Saturday. I was intolerably moody on Sunday and it will not be put up with…apparently. I keep trying to explain that if a moody female partner is unacceptable, then just turn gay.

Sadly no horses this week. Got a text 10pm sat saying my friend was visiting her mother instead.

Last night I fell asleep at about 10:15. I was woken up at 11:15 to be told is left the front door open, we were going to get stabbed in the night, the insurance was invalidated and I leave the door open every two weeks and it’s seriously dangerous!!!!
Ok..I get it… Sorry, can I go back to sleep now?
Just as I’m dozing off again im asked with urgency where the antihistamines are…I can’t think as I am half asleep, but the stress and anger is rising so i haul myself out of bed and get him the tablets…cue more anger that I put them somewhere other than the overflowing medicine drawer.

I woke up this morning to burning eyes that can only mean someone used a spray deodorant that they know I’m allergic to, and left all the doors open.

So yeah, I was less than keen to surface to be greeted with anger, blame and itchier eyes so, I was not making an effort to get up until they left…..incidentally this is different to not getting up per se.

Grrrr. Hello Monday.

Hey Monday. Whatcha doin’?

Glove faces and actually, finally wallowing in a bath of wellbeing

I got caught smiling to myself today.
I Made an acquaintance waiting for the lift, Exchanged a few words about being too lazy to walk up 6 floors but needing caffeine…I then got a hand shake, aname beginning with r and was told he’s seen me around a lot…yeah I’m like part of the furniture I’ve been here so long, plus Im pretty promiscuous with the rooms I work in. I can’t say I remember ever seeing this guy before, and now I’m either going to say hi to a random someone else instead, or ignore him by mistake….darn you shoddy memory for faces and names!!!


This guy was waiting for me on my bench this morning. We’ve a creative bunch in our lab!!

It has been a hectic week. The blood test said I’m fit as a fiddle ( have to agree now taking vitamins I feel pretty formidable for the first time in my memory). I have energy!!! I can think, multitask and I can smile….I don’t feel depressed or anxious and my weird neck muscular tension is gradually subsiding.
It turns out that you can’t get vitamin b12 from plants…so…being pretty much vegan (aside from cheese and chocolate) I was basically getting no b12 in my diet. I have been eating ‘healthy, natural’ breakfast things like museli, so haven’t even had fortified products!!! You know how I rave about nimm2 sweets and feel much better when I eat them? Yeah they have b12 in them….
Why, oh why didn’t any of the many dieticians that I have seen suggest I take a supplement or have a test done???


Well now I feel much better informed!!

Dentist says that the one molar that doesn’t have a filling is feeling bullied by the others and has given in to peer pressure to have a filling done….boo

If you don’t treat me better, baby I’ll just run away

Title shamelessly stolen from an ancient tori amos song.

Cool on your island is probably the only song from y cant tori read that I would voulenteerily listen to again. Although the original is drenched to glory in 80s synth and tragic production, there is something quite haunting about the later piano based live versions that tori has performed.

The song tells of a woman trapped in an unsatisfactory relationship with a man who doesn’t communicate well, or appreciate her and manipulates.

She sings..

If you don’t treat me better,
Baby I’ll just run away
I don’t know what drives you
To play these silly games
Come on baby,
I’m much stronger than you know
Some times
I’m not afraid to let it show
When will you wake up
I want you more than the stars in the sky
But I can take
Only so much
Cool on your island.
Is it, cool on your island?

Ironically the horses reminded me of this one!! Went to catch them from the field, waited for buster to concede my dominance and walk towards me, which he did…then just as I was going to slip on the head collar the little bugger galloped off bucking and chasing Melly!!

He might as well have been hollering this song at the top of his equine lungs, except the final part would say

When will you wake up
I want food more than the stars and the sun
And I will take
Only so much
Grooming and riding
Are you planning on riding?

Had to enlist some carrots to wrangle the beasties back to civility!

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