Sky made of fog stitched to clouds with spiderwebs

The other one, you know, the one who spews out depression and hunts for the rot beneath everything, well, she’s been locked away for a bit. Spiderwebs, Slugs, Stars, glove and Fog all featured in the past two days of her capture. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Let me explain.
The glove I so sadly lost had been handed in and was patiently awaiting my retrieval 🙂

The first time I saw a slug as a child I was beside myself. Not with fear or disgust but with worry and sadness: I was certain that it was a snail who had its shell stolen by a bird or something, and I was afraid the poor thing was in pain and would die.
I saw one in the doorway to our building and it triggered that memory!
the fog last night was tremendous! Cycling across the common I could barely see a metre ahead of me and doubted my wisdom in choosing that route, but it was also quite intriguing watching the boats and bridge appear before me, emerging like an impressionist painting into my view. Even the church looked kind of soft focussed and the spire rise surrounded by a great halo of orange fog from the uplight. This morning, though it was lighter, the whole city was still shrouded in wispy and patchy clouds of vapour, making everything look kind of like they do in movie dreams, all soft and blended, and kind of pretty. Even the bridge was pretty, it’s bars all adorned by hundreds of spiders webs, each holding a bounty of tiny jewels, glistening in what light could reach them. I’ve never seen those webs before, I wonder how many spiders it took? I wonder if they caught anything other than water and I wonder if anyone else passing by took a second to consider them? I hope so.
The pole star still shines brightly in the sky, and even betwixt the clouds and the fog, some of her sisters peeked. It can be weeks at a time I don’t think to look up. I forget how beautiful those little pinpricks in the fabric of the sky can be. But not today.
So you see, I had to lock the other one away or she would ruin things.

This probably makes little to no sense but there you go. Some days it actually isn’t all doom and gloom, though my boss actually called me “the harbinger of doom” the other day…
Ahh pretty dress and spangly new necklace! Yay¡! also yay for flash obscuring dark circles under eyes and angle obscuring double chin 😀

Homemade wholemeal and poppy seed tagliatelle

100g plain flour
100g wholemeal bread flour
2 eggs
Pinch salt
Teaspoon of poppy seeds
Teaspoon olive oil

Make a dough and kneed until stretchy. Wrap in clingfilm and rest for 30 mins. Use pasta maker to roll the dough to about 1-2mm thickness, flour both sides and cut into tagliatelle using machine or knife. Hang the pasta to dry for at least 30 mins then store in the fridge.
Cook for 5 mins in salted boiling water, drain and serve with your favourite sauce or cheese and some pine nuts and veggies.
This amount of pasta will serve 2-3



nb -if there are posts which you cannot access, that is because you are not me ;P

Lost shoe, lost glove, lost momentum

So. I lost a glove. Not any glove, a glove I only bought the other week. As for the shoe, well that’s a story of lost and found. She was really taken home, while her sister was left all alone in the lab. Momentum has gone the way of most things. Gravity has dragged it down, along with everything else. Ok not everything. I have some holidays booked which mean I have three consecutive Fri / mon combos off work for a trip to Barcelona and two weekend festivals at camber sands. I’m significantly more excited about one if the three, and it involves the use of my passport ( unless Pontins has declared a state of independence). I’m too exhausted to be really excited. Just about getting through the day with my dwindling appetite, energy, patience and attention. I guess when one thing starts crumbling, the others fall after and if you dont grab onto a hold you could go plummeting full speed into a black hole with your name on it. I miss the ponies, I miss my dog who died so many years ago, I miss my grandma, I miss my friends, whether real or fickle, and I miss the feeling of belonging to the infinite – the sense that anything is possible and that humans have great potential to do good, that words have weight, and that although the truth really matters, fantasy is a valid and unbounded escape. There are more words but they wont come right now, they are stuck in some sort of queue, and the control box has switched off for the day, do I can only churn out the official lines, that business will be resumed as usual in the morning, and apologies for any inconvenience caused by my lack of coherence.

I made an edible meal!! Three Squash and Thyme soup :)

Yup, I made soup and bread which my partner deemed acceptable if not good.

Here is the recipe:
Small butternut squash
Harlequin squash
Culinary pumpkin
A few potatoes
Red onion
2 garlic gloves
Fresh thyme
Black pepper
Pinch Cayenne pepper
Pinch Cumin
Tablespoon olive oil
Pumpkin seed oil
Pumpkin seeds
Vegetable stock
2 bay leaves

How to make it delicious-
Chop up squashes and potato into small cubes. Chop onion, crush garlic cloves and chop a handful of fresh thyme.
Heat olive oil in a pan, add garlic, onion and thyme, fry on low heat until onion is soft and starts to brown.
Make 1 pint vegetable stock, add chopped veg, fried things, bay leaves and stock to a pan and top up with hot water and boil for 25 mins.

REMOVE THE BAY LEAVES- then blend. Add spices and salt and pepper to taste.
Serve with a garnish of pumpkin oil, pumpkin seeds and a few thyme sprigs.


Optional: carve the pumpkins and post pictures on facebook. Get told by your partner that you are a loser.