Winter attire

Winter weather has finally descended on the UK. Snow and subzero and all things icy and chilly. Unfortunately the horses still need to be exercised, even when I fear the onset of hypothermia and death of exposure. I dashed out yesterday to a tack shop to buy a slightly overpriced warm jacket to attempt to keep feeling in my body and arms on hacks. We will see how that goes. We will also see how size medium shapes up…I don’t think I own anything else in medium except chaps and gloves, but they don’t make those coats flattering or generous (for those who religiously wear a body protector). We shall see indeed, wrapped up in two pairs of thermal tights, joddies, thermal half chaps, two thermal tops, another tshirt, fleece and new coat, whether I make it back at around normal body temperature! Sadly I haven’t discovered a full weather proof face protector device for riding in, so sexy widburnt dry flaky itchy face it is!
Horse riding is so glamorous, don’t you think?

I think I’ve decided how to divide things between the two blogs PSMP and accidental tentacles. The artsy creative moderately to deeply considered stuff is going over there, and the typical explosions of utter nonsense and largely unedited guff will stay here. I’ve had some teething problems with formatting and tags and organization, but I think it’s coming together. At least it’s something new.

Shapes and sizes (and stupid comments)

As an hourglass lady, I sometimes have issues with clothing ranges that are designed for those women who resemble a pear in shape. This time around we are talking about a new mac. You see, the problem is, that I sometimes laughably find that the chest is too small compared to the hips! I.e that my chest is too large! If you know me then you’ll understand why this is so hilarious, but even if you don’t then I expect you are getting the picture loud and clear.  What I find even funnier is that my SO thinks it is because of the tshirt bras I wear. He genuinely thinks that because I’m wearing a brand famous for their pushup and cleavage-maximising products, that my plain comfy tshirt efforts must be heavily padded etc. He asked what would happen if I wore a different brand….Presumably aside from any fit or comfort issues? Yeah, that’s what I thought…what would happen is I’d be super uncomfy and moody. Maybe if men needed metal wired undergarments to keep their bollocks in check then they would have a bit more respect for our decisions to stick to a brand that fits! As for asking what if I lose weight! Well! That’s nice isn’t it! Recovered anorexic determined to maintain her healthy weight is asked by partner what if she get thinner again. Dumbass.
I did a survey of 14 UK highstreet size 8 measurements and ALL of them were based on a pear or spoon shaped figure. I understand that pears make up about 20% of women, and actually. Oblongs (with less waist definition) are actually contributing over 60%. I am in the minority as an hourglass, but it still narks me that I can’t get clothing to fit. I read articles about the woes of pear-shaped ladies who can’t fit into the clothing designed for 1950s hourglass figures, but that simply is not true, if you are a pear have a thought for those many oblongs who have to have baggy clothing around their hips and bust so that their waist is comfy..or have to have super tight stuff at the waist so their chest doesn’t fall out. Now THEY have a bum deal of the clothing market. Someone needs to start making dresses with different body shapes in mind.

I daresay that the mac will give a bit in the (ahem) necessary areas and it’ll all be fine.

“Boys in their dresses
And you’re not here
I need a big loan from the girl zone”~tori amos, caught a light sneeze