I have stumbled upon watermelon plums and plumegranites…both excellent plums cultivated in Israel by talented people with some kind of breeding programme (plant stuff – dont understand…) but they were happily on offer from ye local morrisons 😀

delightful and full of antioxidants – so i am told.

I think I may start illustrating my posts with doodles. darn my phone wont communicate with this mac. doodles will have t wait until later :S

one doodle – as promised – not a new one though – i found it in a notebook from our annual symposium.

SO is out playing golf so for the first time in AGES I came home to an empty flat and how am i celebrating this? Im cooking the simplest meal known to man (pasta and cheese) and watching hollyoaks! I need to get a life huh? maybe i’ll start on a new doodle for my next post!?