I am the most senior person in the library

“I am the most senior person in the library”


At least that is what my drunken colleague told me.


We weren’t in a library.

Ok, No more pimms for you sir!

This was the result of a lab punting trip. We punted up the river for a picnic, taking in the scenery. We saw signets and swans, ducklings and ducks, herons in their nest, and a cow in the river. Yep. Swimming along and freak-mooing out about the fact that it didn’t know how to escape. Obviously we called the police so they could come and rescue it, but by the time the incident was reported, the damned beast got itself out. Typical eh?
During our outing we only got to see one person fall in and only one naked river swimmer.
A different colleague was feeding a duck crisps all the way, so the bloody thing wouldn’t leave us alone. I’m pretty sure ducks aren’t meant to eat crisps..I think it makes them hyper and I don’t want to know what comes out the other end but it can’t be good!

Where the words jump off my pen and into your pages
Do you think just like that you can divide this?”~tori amos, your cloud