being a strange cyclist, possible conference and some strife

I’ve become that embarrassing stranger who tells a young lad on his bike that he might want to do up his shoelace – oh the shame – Id been watching that neon lace tangling all over the chain for a good stretch of the road and I have to admit a small part of me was waiting for him to get caught up in the chain but then I figured it was only a kid, and he had no helmet so the only thing I could do was tell him about the lace…I didn’t get a thanks or anything I got a kind of  ‘yeh’ mumbled towards the ground – the lace was fixed and he cycled off as fast as he could to get away from me!  


There is a possibility that I may be going to a conference in October to give a talk – y’know as in the organisers will pay my registration fees n stuff. Well obviously they invited the boss lady but shes off on holiday and we are waiting to find out if they consider me to be a suitable substitute. I’m crapping myself about it really – I mean, giving a talk at an international conference in front of a load of strangers, having no-one there i know to comfort or encourage me. BUT – its a fantastic opportunity (even if the conference isn’t the most amazing one ever) and I may not be given the opportunity again for a very long time. watch this space. I’ve got too comfortable and complacent and need to do something a bit scary.

My significant other believes that I make him suffer. He very much resents that I make effort for everyone except him. Like the other week, I went our for meals with the family – no problem, but SO wants to go out for dinner and I don’t want to. What’s that all about? I was *supposed* to get up at 7 today and drive to the lab but my alarm didn’t go off and i woke up at 9…he is very angry with me – especially because I have no problem getting u at 7 to go horse riding. I know I need to apologise but I don’t really know why I am behaving like this. I agree that it is not fair but how do you make yourself ‘get on with things’ if you feel depressed?


Dreams about seducing a megalomaniac demon as both a man and a woman…


Dreams can sometimes have a peculiar clarity and tell stories that you, basically, didn’t know you had it in you to tell.

I was a man (looking somewhat like keanu reeves), and was hiding from some guys that were chasing me…I went into a hotel complex and after many corridors found a part that had been abandoned and not completed..I scrambled through a hole in the dusty floor and landed in a room with a weird icon statue. A door was next to me, so I opened it and heard a voice asking who dared to disturb them…I entered the room and the voice interrogated me..then a 7-foot demon approached me and said I had to do as he wished or he’d kill me….the first few errands were trivial but then he asked me to murder an innocent young girl.. I did what anyone would do in this position and try to seduce the demon so he would change his mind..the plan seemed to be working but he came to his senses and all of a sudden I was the girlfriend of the man I had been and I was searching for my missing guy.. I took a couple of friends with me and investigated that hotel complex…but somehow the police got involved and we’re chasing us…eventually we found the room with the icon, and opened that door. Inside we found a demon in the form of a woman and I demanded to know what had happened to my boyfriend….the demon seemed sad…it would appear it had fallen in love with him but had to punish him for insubordination. Willing to do anything to save him, I consoled the demon, and my friends and we all got somewhat amorous..time outside of that room had been frozen but then a police officer reached the door and knocked it down. Seeing a group of semiclad women sharing a huge bed together, the officer scratched his head and walked out. Around about now I woke up…I wonder what happened next!

sleep well friends…

Sweet dreams


Here’s a frog. Courtesy of pixlr and my Gran’s garden.

I’ve been hearing “sweet dreams” by tori amos in my head for the last few days. I don’t know why.  The lyrics aren’t stunning, or apt, and the backing, although toe-tap-worthy, is not particularly skillful. Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping better, or maybe it’s because I’m dreading returning to suboptimal sleep. Who. Knows.

Now for something a little different. How about throwing copper…yup, that just about hits the spot on this sunny Sunday commute through the signalless wilderness of the flatlands that sprawl between the relative civilisation of Norwich and Cambridge.