One chapter is closed


The prospect of pain, suffering and death was spread thinly over weeks, months, was it even years?

The unbearable knowledge that life was slowly being ebbed away, by each waxing moon. But life, it seems, cannot be spread so thinly as greif and eventually it can no longer exist.

So here we are, with a gaping hole in our remaining lives, that can be temporarily stuffed with memories, but ultimately, never filled.

The wait is over, and a chapter is closed.


Ok, things have finally reached a level where whinging is no longer something that I can put off.

A few months ago, the boss lady asked if I’d like to go up north on a jolly.. And I said we’ll sure! Why not?

Last week I heard the news

I had to give a talk….


Oh and we are taking a coach not the train

Oh god I feel nauseous already

The bus journey will take 6-7 hours


Oh and the bus will be leaving at 6am

That’s a joke, right?

But all this info was assimilated and accepted.

Today I got the sore throat and sneezing indicative of impending nose niagara and brain of cotton wool.


Then, and only then does the boss lady mention that not everyone is having their own room. So…I’m sharing a room am I? Who with? Oh with the girl who I barely know but acts like she hates me.


That, ladies and gents is how to make a conference the least pallitable thing known to mankind (with the exception perhaps of contracting ebola).

Now I’m just waiting for the food to be all mushroom and cooked tomato.

Wish me luck!