So I got those nose hoops and here is one in situ.


Of course SO says this dainty streak of silver looks silly in my gargantuan hooter but I think it looks pretty. So there.
Two more days of relax time and nary a valium has passed my lips. Not because I don’t have any or haven’t been advised to take some, but because my significant other disapproves. If I can’t sleep tonight though…
I received a parcel of hitherto unknown hosiery items. 4 different varieties of shoe liners or so-called ‘footsies’. Very odd beasts indeed, sort of like a minimalist sock that you wear when society requires you to don footwear that is neither trainer nor boot, and you are as blessed as I am with sweaty feet, you’ll be glad of something to mop up the excess. They even make them impregnated with silver to be antibacterial. Well I never. I should probably wear those ones on days when I’m doing yoga. Poor woman next to me last week got my toes wafting near her grimacing face and probably got a good whiff of any underarm odour I may have accrued! Yoga is fun though. I felt so bad about the fact I’d clearly cheese-footed her that I had to make conversation so she didn’t just remember me as stinkfoot…turns out that this lady hasn’t met many people in this place and loves horses. So we are totally like (good lord! Surely there must be a less asanine way of saying that..) immediate friends, exchanged names and I even remembered it after the fact. Huzzah. Although I don’t quite know what such a gorgeous serene and flexible Czech lady though of the giggling redhead sweatpile that couldn’t touch her toes next to her!

It has occurred to me that what I am doing to try and relax myself, are largely things that I have been putting off for a long time. Those nigglers that kept getting away but always taunted me. As a result I now have an (almost) sparkling bike with new pannier rack and handlebar grips, but a parking space covered in grease and mud (oops). Tomorrow I intend to actually be a bit more functional. Bake some bread, dye my hair, go for a bike ride, that sort of thing. I think I’m done with sitting on my arse for now. Gosh! by next Monday I’ll be so excited to be going to work to have something to DO!!

Yoga and ugly body parts (I’m looking at you noses and feet)

The past is just a pebble in my shoe

I am taking a week of time out from, well pretty much everything that I can escape. When you body starts giving you chronic tension headaches you kind of have to listen up and say, well ok body, lets see if you and I can do some chilling out so we both feel better huh?

Day 1 and I’ve probably achieved what anyone else would consider nothing.

I’ve taken a candlelight bath, put on clothes I felt like wearing, added dark lipstick but no other makeup (Ha!), and generally danced around the flat singing along to music that I love. played a bit on the ps3 and ordered some body jewellery (that damned nose hoop just WONT go in anymore and I feel like wearing a hoop for a change. I must remember to eat as during the couple of month hiatus of weighing due to battery failure I seem to have lost weight and that’s just not acceptable so as soon as i suspect i might be getting hungry, then its clearly snack-o-clock.

It’s kind of impressive that despite apparently having my debit cards stolen (this has to be the current hypothesis until they turn up) not seeing the horses for two weeks and the rather sudden deterioration of a dear relative – I am currently quite content and dare I say it – happy?! I woke up at 8:45 with absolutely no desire or need to sleep any further – ordinarily I want to sleep all day but I think I was just excited about being home alone and totally free.

Somehow the flat is considerably cleaner and tidier than when I woke but I don’t feel like I’ve been making myself do chores.

next i plan to play a bit more ps3, have a coffee and then meditate for a bit to get inspiration for some sketching or watercolour, or writing if I feel so inspired.

The sun is pouring in the window casting shadows of roses and folds – imprinting flowers where there are none. Maybe one day I’ll get some real flowers to put in that woefully empty vase.

ever wondered what I look like when I’m totally chilled and being silly?

exhibit A

cant see it? that’s cos I don’t know you in 3D mmmmk?

Oddments: Lunar views, yogic optical illusions and the elusive sellotape

The moon is big and pink. Pink? Yes, actually it is! Apparently (and I didn’t know this at thetime) it was a harvest super moon, or super harvest moon this week, depending on how you want to look at it. This means that the moon was much closer to earth than usual. I don’t know why why it was pink…probably pollution or something.

I would like very much to have words with whoever came up with the yoga mat design that are used pretty universally. I’m talking about those thin roll up plasticky sponge efforts with the lines along it. I don’t mind the lack of sponginess too much, and I can live with the plasticky feel, but those lines are just dreadful. It’s the same effect for me as when you have to walk down some static escalators on the underground, and all the lines make your vision weird when you finally look up again. Bleh. It’s fine while you relax with eyes closed but throw in a manoeuvre and my brain starts doodling lines all over the instructor etc.

Maybe someone can enlighten me as to why my neck skin is so ridiculously sensitive. Yet again I seem to have allowed some product intended for facial use to stray on to my neck, heedless of the incoming itchy rashiness of it all.

Sellotape in my house, is like an endangered species or a yeti or something. You swear you saw it in the corner of your eye but you search high and low and no sign of it can be found. Masking tape on the other hand, is always present, so presents wrapped using masking tape are de rigueur for me! Sorry folks!

I tried feta (plus lactase tablets) for the first time in over a year. Feta is delicious.full stop.

Some more words

Frisbee inspired unsolicited galloping

Ah those pesky horses. We had a rather sedate ride today, with both horses telling us it was all a bit too much like hard work.. Until we met a family playing frisbee across our path. We stood and waited for them to eventually take the hint and stop. After passing the game resumed with frisbee scraping on the ground loudly behind the horses…this was disconcerting for them both so we went on to a strip of field that hadn’t been ploughed just to give us some space but both horses heard another scrape noise behind them and that was it. We were off. Mel started quite a few paces ahead of us but buster kicked himself up a gear to gallop and as we sailed passed Mel she took on the race at warp speed. Fun though it is to go fast, I prefer it when there is lots of space, abd the farmer isn’t in that very field at the time..
Sooo a few rounds of “woah!” and a few seconds of [oh shit the brakes don’t work] then we came back to a very bouncy canter and then finally trot as the naughty and excitable ponies gave in and let us turn them around to get out of the field (had blasted straight past the exit)…and buster was stood there just wound up like a very tight spring…poised for another round, but thankfully within a couple of mins was back to his normal level-headed self. And I was left with a mild case of jelly leg, as noticed during rising trot.

Ha maybe I’ll take him off the snaffle and on to the gag, but in his defense, he did respond before I had to take more serious action (like turning him into the ploughed land, or using an emergency stop rein technique.)


Horses eh, who’d have em?