Operation tv exchange: superreal pictures and cringing

Finally after three years of consideration, we  decided it was time to replace the old daewoo bedroom tv…it’s a huge-ass crt weighing in at 40 kilos. Aside from its monumental bulk, it also makes a whining noise when on standby (which is all night) and the screen occasionally goes a bit mental and it starts sqealing. I’m not really one for loving those electrical goods shops, so the first acceptable tv and a sharp exit were my primary aims. Sadly my partner has more discerning taste (higher expectations than just, um a screen that decodes tv channels into a passable picture without the above annoyances) so a few possibles were identified, and one chosen….no we are not paying an extra £200 for 1600hz…who even needs that? So much money spendage later we got our new 42″ panasonic beastie wrangled into the living room. But isn’t 42″ a bit massive for a small living room? Actually because the border is thin and silver, it looks less imposing than the 36″ Sony that was there before. Honest. Sony into the bedroom, then hmm. What to do with the old one? It still works so it’s a waste to take it to the tip, plus….if we sell it or give away then someone else gets to jar their back taking down the stairs. Unto my local gumtree and freecycle wenteth I.
Ask a fiver for something and none wants to know, offer it for free and everyone wants it!!
Having these kind of adverts is a bizarre experience, you wait for someone to respond, reply immediately and then they say nothing….have they changed their mind? Do you offer it to someone else? Eventually you offer it to person 2…who’s usually changed their mind, you pop out of the house for 20 mins and come back to 5 emails from person one irately asking for urgent replies!! (I find it a tad offensive to get a message saying only ‘need address’) so eventually you have to give them your address and phone number but are they actually going to turn up? Who knows! On this occasion I got a call from what sounded like an elderly couple. Now, as tactfully as I could, I questioned the carrying of the tv down the stairs, and the guy kind of sniggered and said it would be ok. Upon arrival, it is indeed a 55-60ish year old couple and their grandkid. Now. I have already told them I’m not carrying it down the stairs but I felt like such a terrible person, going back into the flat and leaving them to it….5 mins later I was wracked with thoughts than oneor other could have hurt their back, or had a heart attack, or slipped, or droppedthe TV so i snuck out into the stairwell to listen
Thankfully they’d made it down stairs and we’re getting the car…I couldn’t leave the window until I knew they had safely driven off but obviously couldn’t let them see me. Being such a vicarious coward, I hid in the corner and was stick there until they drive off! Huzzah! Operation complete! I hope they are happy with their free tv with remote control and batteries 😉

So this newfangled jobbie.. The picture is very good.
A little too good perhaps?
Again (last time in Slovenia) I experience filming that looks hyper-real, overly sharp, a bit too real….so that films etc look to me like they are shot like British soaps…but…they aren’t it just looks too Argh! It’s more detailed in distant items than I can see in real life…so it’s bizarre.
Don’t get me started on the 3D…


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