Dior Addict fluid stick? Go on then…

No prizes for guessing who splashed out on some fancy schamzy lip products for easter..

That’s right…yours truly fell into the dior trap and crawled out poorer but also, yknow..richer 😉

The new dior lip product Dior Addict Fluid Stick was launched only days ago. I saw a review of it in a magazine the other week and was desperate to have a try!!! The problems I have with lipsticks are
1. They dry out my lips
2. They get patchy
3. They feel heavy or sticky
4. I can’t apply them accurately

Fluid Stick was designed for people like me 🙂 the packaging is just too adorable, just like the packaging for addict lipstick but you can see the actual lip colour through the case in the shape of a lipstick. The application process is just like a lipgloss (YAY) and mistakes can be easily rectified before the colour dries. The initial finish is glossy but rich and feels light, like an unsticky gloss. The colour is long lasting and rather than smearing off after hours, it leaves a moisturised stain on the lips (in a good way) once the shine has worn off. The colour range is pleasant, I found minuit to be what I was looking for (something a little darker than ‘red carpet’ but still red coloured).
Even SO admitted it didn’t make me look ill (that’s a prettybigcompliment)… Then just as I saw a bit of the dreaded colour bleeding the lovely dior lady came to my rescue with a universal lipliner that you can use with any shade! Amazing! I’ve been looking for a lip liner forever but was never happy with the colours…now I have one that matches EVERY COLOUR!!
I don’t know if I was just being overly sensitive, but I’m sure people were looking at me in a way they didn’t pre-dior lip splurge. I only hope it wasn’t the looks of ‘oh honey, that lipstick with that Skintone?’
Happy easter to me!!!
And happy easter to you too 🙂 xx
I hope someone bought you some dior and you didn’t have to buy it for yourself!!

Ps had a little girl with a tiara moment…didn’t want to remove makeup to go to bed cos I loved it so much…hehe.


3 thoughts on “Dior Addict fluid stick? Go on then…

  1. whatsasssays says:

    Loved this post! I am always on the lookout for new lip products! This looks and sounds incredible.. I am tempted to go and have a look at them myself! If only money wasn’t an issue…

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