Some boring ranting about trousers and sizes

For an academic researcher like me, clarification of dress code is sometimes necessary. Take interview clothing- I’m told to wear trousers that dont have holes in the but not go over the top. So thats my two normal types of outfit out normal lab clothes=too scruffy, evening dress=too glamorous / alternative.
Oh my lord! I have an interview on Thursday and woke up with no smart trousers that fit me. Two pairs that were fine 6 months ago are now not suitable for sitting down motions 😦
I’m sure this shouldn’t bother me that much but it does.
I’m upset.
One pair was a gift from my lovely sister in law…they were too bog when she gave them to me…
The only other option is pinstripe which SO dislikes and when asked if they look that bad said ‘i don’t know’ yup way to express your opinion dickface. Like- does my foundation look really bad ‘i dont know’ is not am acceptable answer!!!!!
Having said that he immediately offered to take me to buy some new ones. 25 mins out of the car, trousers found, tried and bought. Amazing.
What is really weird is that they are the same size as the non sitting compatible ones I had already.
Clothing size makes me crazy sometimes. I’m ashamed that I let it get to me, but I’m this case it’s more about the loss of garments I like than about size per say.

So minor drama avoided, thankfully I tried the old ones on in time to realise I needed new…

Well £ 20 for some polyester / viscose bootcut trousers…yeah I can handle that- it’s better than sitting in the interview being unable to think about answers because circulation to my lower body has been restricted…
Not the most elegant / stylish / durable option but will serve a purpose.
Obviously SOs opinion in the shop was ‘ it’s up to you’
Um. Thanks. I spent what, an hour answering whether I thought this or this or that or this had a difficult guitar part before I broke down and said I didn’t care anymore, I was trying to read a book!!

Seriously, Can you imagine…hi boss, we are going to have to conduct the interview standing up…slight thigh miscalculation, but I’m really good at planning anf attention to detail..honest!!!

Haha! NOW I can laugh, earlier I was borderline crying. Stupid hormonal body consciousness…


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