She only calls, when she knows you’re weak,

and in her sighs, your own breath is lost.

A touch on your shoulder,

has you down on the floor

and you’re weeping for what you can see,

her steps are swift, and graced with care,

and she tells, of the past and the truth,

but the words are thick

with what you once were,

bringing images of a watery friend.

She’ s blood red, though you’ d swear she was white,

a trickling tear, brings her into your reach

alone now and fallen,

she knows you’re afraid,

of the future if your choice is made.

Singing now, the melodies we wrote

pulling the notes from inside your past,

time to think hard,

it’ ll soon be too late,

she waits with pure expectant eyes.

Every other time, I would take her hand,

and wish, like I’d never left her side,

another day to learn,

some lesson of mine,

but every time she seemed so honest and true.

I remember, all the times she killed,

and still, I feel her poison run through me.

I had to leave before,

as death was nearby,

but I’m on my own, I’m not strong, I’m afraid.

Weeping tears, brings her hope for me,

but one day I’ll survive this limbo,

I’ll leave her behind, but for now I cry,

over all that I feel and see,

and everything my future decrees

2 thoughts on “Weakened

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to reading the others but GF is yelling at me so will be back tomorrow for more.

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