Dried papaya >>>>> fresh

In case you didn’t know, dried papaya is far superior to fresh.

Just sayin.

I’ve been amusing myself today. God! I am so funny, why can’t anyone else see?

I use a machine called a seahorse that measures oxygen and ph…but lately I’ve been thinking about what if it wasn’t fluorescent probes. What if there is a magical seahorse in that box, jumping between the experiments, Wafting a fin, then pondering and typing his estimate into a tiny keypad. What if someone forgets to feed the seahorse? Anyway on my way home I was planning a cartoon of how I think a seahorse machine should work but figured it was kind of a nerdy niche thing and that maybe, just maybe, noone would care.

People not caring, surely thats a gibbon

Er I think you mean given, as in something which goes without saying?

No, I fairly sure I mean gibbon….thats what I always say in my head and imagine a gibbon standing there checking off a list of things which go without saying, nods – and then he without a word..goes

Glad I got those gems out of my system.maybe I said about the seahorse before? Well I didn’t find it as funny before!

Well I deserved to amuse myself today. Last night I sent an email to collaborator with 2 new figures and the manuscript as best I could finish it….and he replied….only
…he only got as far as the title then basically said there was no point him reading anything unless my boss had oked it…do this was frustrating but the clincher was this…

He made a comment about one of my figures, only, his comment was unrelated to the content and proved he didn’t bother to even look at two pictures!

I was sooooo angry!!!.ok so I’m not a PI But I’ve worked damned hard on this and would quite like some feedback!

After anger came sadness. Anger and sadness came in waves through the day but mostly I just shook them off and plowed on with some other tasks. (quite a fruitful day infact….papaya and all)

Oh logic and ability to string sentences together where for art thou? Hiding softly in the centre of tonights sleep I hope…