Haircare trial failure. Forget mending my hair, please mend my nostrils

I thought I’d try umberto giannini shampoo and conditioner again as I had some success with the weightless feel of the pure beauty range but just as my fingers graced the bottle I noticed a new product range aimed at mending poor condition hair (Mend my hair). Yay! I thought, this must be even better! So I parted with my cash and walked away feeling smug.

Today I tried it out, and here is what I discovered:

-The shampoo comes in a groundbreaking phlegm format, such that you cannot lather, or spread it well and can only apply sticky gobs of the stuff onto your scalp. Yum!
-Being sulphate-free the shampoo is quite mild so if you have a greasy scalp then this will simply not do the job for you and will just leave your scalp feeling dirty. Great stuff!

-The fragrance is unmistakably masculine and reminiscent of cheap mens Deodorant. Who doesn’t want to wear that smell on their head?

-I found that doing a second shampoo with my trusty John Freida shampoo fixed these issues. Phew!

Zero points to the shampoo, it failed to clean or even leave me hair smelling nice. In the bin with you matey!

-The conditioner comes with a slightly different masculine cheap Deodorant scent that is even stronger. You are supposed to leave this bad boy in for 10 mins but I simply couldn’t stand the smell so after 3 mins I caved and washed it out as thoroughly as possible.

-For a conditioner, this guy didn’t do a whole lot of conditioning. It actually made my hair feel weirdly dry and crispy :S so it took a ton of hair oil to get some normalcy back into the texture.

– The scent lingers, oh my god how it lingers! I have added elixir and initialiste (both strongly scented) and dried my hair but it STINKS. Frankly I’m embarrassed to to go work with a head smelling like lynx body spray but I don’t have time to re-wash. If you are a guy I expect the fragrance will be a bit less offensive bit for me it is just horrid. And it’s going to follow me around until tomorrow morning. I’ll keep my hair tied up and hope not too much escapes into the wild (ie nostrils of co-workers)

Bottom line: a shampoo that doesn’t clense and a conditioner that doesn’t moisturise.

Umberto Giannini, you missed the mark on this range. By quite a substantial distance; I’m not even sure you had an arrow in that bow.

New crimson hair!

As those pesky roots are showing, and my vivid initial colour has washed out, I felt it was time to try a new hair dye. I thought I’d have a go at using a non permanent one in between ritual bleachings, to help with condition, as suggested by my hairdresser.

I opted for a brand that is apparently peculiar to Superdrug: knight and Wilson. There are very few reviews about these dyes, so I was a bit skeptical. I did a few hours of skin test ( then scratched it off by mistake) had limited itching (the ingredients list looks pretty innocuous) and did a trial on the ends of my hair. I was dying over the top of my fading red that had now turned orangey. So here is the test strip…the orangey bits on the right are how the rest of my hair looked.


The deep crimson was gorgeous, so I went ahead to do the whole lot.

I found the dye a little tricky to apply because the colour is so intense that it immediately stains everything in sight! I left it on 25 mins which was no chore as it smells quite pleasant, and did a quick shampoo to remove most of the stain from my scalp! The water never once ran clear, I just stopped when the water came off lighter in colour. I don’t think the water has ever run clear on ANY of my hair dyings.

Here is the result:


Yay!! Sadly there was no effect on my unbleached roots but hey-ho. The dye is incredibly conditioning, leaving my hair positively gleaming


Damn, maybe I missed a bit at the back..

Oh well, there is some left in the tube so I can just top that bit up (if it’s bleached)

I got this dye on offer and am so far quite satisfied with the results, let’s see how long the colour lasts! I might try the pink one next time, or even purple on the ends…hmm…