the blog tour


I have never before participated in such an activity as this – mostly because I don’t ‘know’ any bloggers and don’t relish the imminent dejection upon engaging in such a sport- but, that said, JUST THIS ONCE, if awesome undead gremlinesque kitty cats like dead cat are standing over me with a poised and bartonella-ridden claw, then I guess it’s ok….maybe..I’d like to send people to blogs I like and its interesting to learn more about people’s writing. Plus this breaks up my inspiration drought quite nicely. I’m going to treat this like a roadtrip and select some guys who I think would make a fine cup of coffee for you when you stop by to see them.

Apparently the rules are something like this –

1. Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers
2. Give your nominees the rules and suggest or dictate a specific Monday to post.
3. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.
A) How does my work differ from others in my genre?
B) How does my writing/creative process work?
C) Why do I write or create what I do?
D) What am I working on at the moment?

4. Compose a one-time post on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).

so onto the business of rule adherence then…

1. On this tour I’m taking a stop at The V-pub because he loves these things and actually, despite the name, doesn’t blog much about weight. Next I’m popping in to see the incredibly talented Mr Flanders because I’m hoping to lure him out of his hibernation and back into the cyber-world (though I won’t hold my breath for involvement in this endeavour). Thirdly I’d like to take the tour to katzenworld, not because I expect them to necessarily respond, but because anyone who likes cats can’t help but go ‘nyaawwwww’ when you see what’s involved in their tummy rub tuesday editions! Finally, I’m pretty sure that they will be too busy writing postcards to Ellen Degeneres to respond but I’d like to take you to meet Dumbfunnery.

2. In the unlikely event of one of the above actually reading this, then presumably you can either do the stuff it says above for Monday 22nd June, or y’know, get on with something else, because I’m totally not going to feel awkward about directing my monumental blog traffic your way!

3. Oh the questions –
A) How does my work differ from others in my genre?
I don’t know what genre I am in, so I guess my work differs from others firstly by uncontrollably spanning genres and being consumed by erraticism (no that a is not meant to be an o). Also I write quite candidly about mental health issues and that is something that too few people do.
B) How does my writing/creative process work?
I switch off my consciousness as much as possible and let words fall out of my semi and subconscious. The process usually takes place in the bath on my smartphone, and therefore my SO (who doesn’t read my blog) can’t figure out why I spend so damned long in the bath and STILL sometimes come out without shaving my armpits! I often don’t look at what I’ve written until I’m verbally exhausted, so I never really know where I am going or how things will end, occaissionally, before I start I have some vague senses of ideas but it is very rare that these things are planned or structured intentinally, they just kind of spew out. Sometimes I don’t read the words until I publish and then I kick myself for having to fix all my dumbass grammatical errors and fat-fingered typos.
C) Why do I write or create what I do?
I write and create what I do for several reasons. I am an unskilled and clumsy vocal speaker, yet can usually express myself with a degree of clarity and depth of feeling in written words. I feel almost elegant and very confident reading and writing, but vociferous discourse is intimidating and at times overwhelming for me. In addition, being so poor at talking, certain things still need to be vented, and some embryonic ideas need to be written down in order to realise what they mean. Writing is a way of staying a bit more sane than good old depressed non-writing me and is a good deal cheaper than my old therapist. Also, in my daily life I have to be very analytical, rational and logical, which is exhausting because clearly I am none of these things, I’m just pretending because I wanted to be Dr SPMP (which, incidentally, I am), so going to town on a short written blabber about whatever the antisocial, freaky liberalist side of me has been aching to shout out in serminars is definately the better option!
D) What am I working on at the moment?

Right now I’m working on a couple of manuscripts, but they are of a scientific nature, so I guess you want to know about creative things. More of the same I’m afraid – no big creative projects imminent because of too much science and not nearly enough sleep.


Good cat, bad cat- my first experience of looking after a kitty

I am looking after my bosses cat for 10 days

2013-03-27 21.17.48

Isn’t she just adorable! her name is Dusty (on account of she looks like a tortoiseshell who has rolled in dust to give her muted colours)

Initially all went ok -Ii went to my bosses house, admired the work they have done on their unimaginably valuable cottage, and we packed up the necessary cat things for her stay, said hello to Dusty then drove her over to my place. Now, I have never had a cat, so I guess I was a bit naive about what to expect. so to start I was a bit disappointed that she immediately shot under the bed and hid there. 😦 but after my boss finished her tea and left, SO decided it was unhygienic for the cat to be in the bedroom and he was tired (8pm) and i had to get her out form under the bed- well, fine, but i susect lifting up the mattress and scaring the poor thing out wasn’t the best plan ;/

once out of the bedroom, i managed to hide a tablet for her in her food which disappeared quite nicely, and she made cat water in the litter tray, and jumped onto the sofa for a cuddle with SO and then me. Ok I thought, we’ve cracked it – the cat is now happy. Oh no he wasn’t.

I was woken up at 1AM by yowling, I figured she was hungry so fed her, but after food and me going back to bed the noises continued until 5:30AM when SO got up…and so did I…because it’s my fault we have the cat here. Ugh. Obviously this text is being written powered mostly by caffeine and twiglets.
So sleepless nights give rise to slight cat annoyance. The plan today is to keep her awake as long as possible so she sleeps tonight, and also having two rather than one shut door in between us and darling kitty cat. We had fun this morning though, kitty and I – I showed her how to get on the windowsill, and she started trying to scratch the litter tray, but being smooth plastic wasn’t much good but as soon as claw met carpet she was scolded.
No cats in the spare (cd) room. No cats on or in the bed. No cats in the ensuite, no pooping, puking or weeing anywhere but the litter tray, no scratching my stuff and no keeping me awake at night. That’s is the rules of my abode.
About the pooping. Boss said she produces a huge amount of um solids, but since arriving no deposit has been made in the litter tray. I seriously hope that SO is wrong and that she hasn’t hidden a stealth poop somewhere.
A cut in the carpet has appeared. UNDERNEATH where the scratching post was. Ah well that carpet is screwed anyway…but how did it happen? Could have been from the iron incident but the angle looks wrong. Could a cat slice a rip through an entire carpet layer? As you see I’m not the worlds greatest feline expert, I just know purring is good hissing is bad and it’s nice to have some company 🙂
Things I have learnt so far
1. Cat food stinks.
2. Kitty will leave some of the stinkiest food rather than finish it straight away because then the whole house will stink.
3. Kitty will try to climb anything even if it’s clearly unstable (ie freestanding DVD rack.
4. Kitty does not do much on command and makes a bad dog
5. When kitty cries in the night you should ignore them or they will do it every night.
6. Kitty likes warm dark places to hide
7. If the cat is hungry enough they dont notice tablets in food (boss was hiding it inside chicken, I figured hiding it in the whiskers was just as good.
8. Kitty wants attention when you are busy or asleep but wants to sleep when you want to play / cuddle.

ps because Dusty’s tail swished across my face SO says I now have cat poo on my face. :/


Im trying to keep her awake but every time I try to explain now is the awake, playing, cuddling, wandering around time not at night, she just looks at me with this expression on her face that says ‘fuck off’ and put her head back down again. I am clearly not alpha cat here.