A rare transferace of joy via these peculiar tentacles

Some rare events have occured in the last couple of days, during which, I have been reminded how incredibly magnificent and affecting Homo sapiens can be.

I’ve had some lovely and silly, breif chats in real life and virtually, and said a sad farewell to a very talented and all-round  delightful student. I didn’t even get awkward about the goodbye hug. Imagine that!

I’ve been listening to the British band Daughter and finding their music increasingly intoxicating. Imagine my delight when I discovered they will play a gig in my city in the new year. Yay!

Anyway, I received a package this morning in the post:


Not sure if you can read that but the two handwritten notes say “ONLY GOOD VIBES X” and “ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE XXX” plus a big yellow thing with a giant smile on, all bundled up in forest green crepe paper and ribbons. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this might be a mental salvation survival package sent by my mother, but it was actually something I ordered for myself. So cute was the encasement that I almost forgot to take out the items inside; a pair of handmade black tentacle earrings. The adorability of said earrings is immense but the sense of joy I felt was more from the effort that the artist had gone to for someone they had never met. I think I have smiled my way pretty much through an entire day, wearing clay octopus arms in my ear holes, pretending that I’m secretly part cephalopod, and generally thinking that maybe I’m not a total cretin after all for living my ever hopeful existence.

I spent a lot of time working on my latest scientific masterpiece, and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the way it is shaping up. My writing and ability to structure, it would seem, have matured into a form much more readily digested and assimilated (we shall see if the boss lady agrees).

We tried in earnest to acquire some jack-o-lanterns for tonight (at my insistence because a Halloween uncelebrated is a grumpfest waiting to happen) but I felt satisfied with the darling honey bear and yellow acorn squashes that a local farm shop had to offer. I presently diemboweled them and performed the necessary crude open surgery.




Shame about the raggedy carving but it’s good enough for me. Sometimes having emotions is a great thing :).

“You could still be,
what you want to,
What you said you were,
when I met you”~Daughter, medicine


You know those skies,
The ones that beg
For would-be lovers,
To brush lips.

The molten amber orb
of the sun,
Melting into the horizon.

Smears of shameless light
radiating through
a glorious mackerel swathe,

With all the pastel shades
blended artfully
before they caress the ground.

I still see those skies,
I can feel the tangible beauty,
fearlessly nudging me,
towards rapture.

bits and stuff

Today, though it started with arguing turned out ok after all.

Once it got on its way today featured ducklings, Sun, birdsong, coffee, talking (not shouting for once), finishing the last game of thrones book, relaxing, new curtains, Ida, new mirror, new hope.

That’s right folks. My day actually turned out non-depressing. Imagine that?! And a bank holiday to boot!

After some (me) not wanting to wake up and much (me) faffing we went for a drive in search of pyo strawberries- following the tempting signs only to realise that the farm wasn’t doing pyo this year. Grrr. So we pootled off in search of other adventures. The one we found was a most serene and homely adventure * a roadside pub and restaurant next to the canal with beer garden. For once when asked if I wanted to stop for a coffee I said ‘sure! Why not?’ instead of the usual…’coffee is cheaper at home’ I swear I could have spent hours just sat there staring at the light and reflections rippling off the water. It’s just so mesmerizing when you also have birds singing above. After investigating the menu I decided (for once instead of making excuses to sneak home for safe cheap lunchstuffs)that we should stay for lunch because we were both content sat there. So food (sadly not to my taste) came and was devoured over many conversations about the practicalities of owning a horse.

It turns out in my case it’s not very practical. At all.
So today I’m considering not buying Monty. Oh yes I never mentioned that did I? The pony I ride is going to be sold. Being a total sucker for a cute animal and falling in love far too easily my initial though was ok, I’ll just buy him and keep him and live happily ever after with my lovely pony.
There are some things which my usual utopian fantastical self failed to consider.
Like money.
And time.
Small things really but muchly necessary for a horse owner.

So … For now. Am saying I will PROBABLY not buy him.

(you should see the faces THAT makes SO pull)

So to distract from the undeniable disappointment of missing out on an opportunity to live my dream of owning a horse I got some new bedroom curtains and ordered an awesome mirror.

They dont fill the potential Monty-shaped hole in my heart which could appear any time soon but they look pretty.
The best thing about the curtains are that they are not the old ones.

as in.

curtains are no longer orangybrown horrendousnousses.



Rare moments of bliss

Dreams, love, hope, happiness. When these fleeting things pass through your life be sure to take the time to let them settle on your soul, consider their weight and consistency and the sensation of them running through your very being. Let the dreams lap like soporific waves against your bare feet, let love leave a lingering scent, like your faavourite perfume on your thoughts and memories, let hope, spill like so much flickering candlelight across the canvas of your mind, let happiness rain down, drenching you in a shower of invisible glitter.

All in all, cherish these moments because they do not last forever, and everyone needs some brightness locked up somewhere for when the darkness descends.