Hair scares and Toodle-pip!

Age plus ammonia plus peroxide have finally wrought havoc with my trademark long red locks. In the past two years I’d estimate the lengths have lost about half of their thickness and this makes me rather sad. Sadder still when I recognise that my hairdresser is right and I will indeed have to chop the whole lot off if I continue with this 6-8 weekly bleaching bonanza on my already traumatised mane. To clarify, I’m not balding yet but hair is snapping off in a most distressing way. I’ve never had to have hair cuts more often than once a year before, and now I’m on a 3 month call back and bank account draining,borderline prescription strength kerastase products and snag free invisiblobble hair ties. I’ll be popping some perfectil tablets, eating more protein and keeping those bleached lengths red in the meantime using some nice conditioning semipermanent direct dyes and just dealing with the fact that my roots are disappointingly brown and a little bit grey. Roll on two or three years when all this damage has grown out and maybe I can start afresh (but no more luminance for me). Sigh.

It’s been a blast writing these entries here but now I think it’s high time to put this blog to sleep for a well deserved (perpetual?) nap. Anonymous ranting and whingeing is overrated, unhelpful and frankly (despite the above paragraph of woeful hair lamenting) I’m getting rather bored with the sight and sound of my own inane blathering (hence the scanty entries of late). Maybe some time in the future I’ll rekindle this sparkly nonsense but more likely I’ll focus on something new elsewhere. Yay! New things! Ciao!


Imperfect purple tipping (hair-related alliteration)

Sometimes I just want to do something different with my hair. Usually this results in ill-advised experimentation and the realisation that I am actually not a hairdresser and no, it’s not as easy as it looks.

I figured I would like to have purple tips to my red hair..sounds easy right? Well aside from the obstacle of having painted the bathroom walls green today, there are actually some tricky aspects to this endeavour, not to mention the feathering I have at the front. I will show you the result because then you’ll see what I struggled with.


Thanks to a tip from my hairdresser (tie your hair up in hairbands and backcomb a bit) I managed to avoid the nasty straight line dip dye effect, however what I didn’t quite manage was making the effect quite even on both sides. It’s OK though because it will wash out in a couple of weeks (probably) and without a camera flash, i.e. if you have eyes rather than a phone camera, the colour looks much darker, which is in turns disappointing and a blessing. Have you ever tried to take a photo of your hair from the back? It requires some contortion!
I’ll pop some extra crimson over the rest of my hair to brighten it up next weekend as it’s beginning to look a little orangey already, then think about balancing out the purple or, y’know, just wash it out. Or do the whole lot purple maybe? I am due to attend a funeral and a work trip for which purple and red hair is fine, but badly done purple and red hair is less good. In the worst case I’ll just wear it in a bun and look smart and /or professional..ish

I’ll just hope my skin isn’t so bad I need my hair to hide it. I don’t want to involve an actual hairdresser as that will result in a £60 fee, so I’ll keep on trying to fix my mistakes until I go too far…

I should add that this is my second attempt at this effect, and this time is considerably better, so imagine how the first one went…if you leave a dye like this on already dyed hair for longer than it says on the box it doesn’t go brighter, it just gets darker!

In case you are weird and want to try this for yourself, or if you are my future self and can’t remember, I used colour freedom in mystic purple on top of schwarzkopf live and lift in shade 38. I will top up the red using colour freedom in crimson, and probably simultaneously decorate the sink, floor, towels, walls and toilet with artistic pinky blotchy patches :S

New crimson hair!

As those pesky roots are showing, and my vivid initial colour has washed out, I felt it was time to try a new hair dye. I thought I’d have a go at using a non permanent one in between ritual bleachings, to help with condition, as suggested by my hairdresser.

I opted for a brand that is apparently peculiar to Superdrug: knight and Wilson. There are very few reviews about these dyes, so I was a bit skeptical. I did a few hours of skin test ( then scratched it off by mistake) had limited itching (the ingredients list looks pretty innocuous) and did a trial on the ends of my hair. I was dying over the top of my fading red that had now turned orangey. So here is the test strip…the orangey bits on the right are how the rest of my hair looked.


The deep crimson was gorgeous, so I went ahead to do the whole lot.

I found the dye a little tricky to apply because the colour is so intense that it immediately stains everything in sight! I left it on 25 mins which was no chore as it smells quite pleasant, and did a quick shampoo to remove most of the stain from my scalp! The water never once ran clear, I just stopped when the water came off lighter in colour. I don’t think the water has ever run clear on ANY of my hair dyings.

Here is the result:


Yay!! Sadly there was no effect on my unbleached roots but hey-ho. The dye is incredibly conditioning, leaving my hair positively gleaming


Damn, maybe I missed a bit at the back..

Oh well, there is some left in the tube so I can just top that bit up (if it’s bleached)

I got this dye on offer and am so far quite satisfied with the results, let’s see how long the colour lasts! I might try the pink one next time, or even purple on the ends…hmm…