Everyone secretly wants to be seduced by a supernatural being and that’s ok


I read a lot of science fiction, horror and fantasy books.
I watch a hell of a lot of trashy sci-fi / horror TV shows and films.
What I have learnt is that deep down, everyone has this base desire to be seduced by a very powerful creature – preferably immortal.
In some cases it is a human, one that seems unattainable and awe-inspiringly strong, brave or skilled, but then those are altogether too relatable as stories go. I don’t really like that in a fantasy story because it makes me think about real feelings and shit like that, I want to be taken somewhere that I can’t possibly go in real life.
So within the pages and vicariously we secretly wish that we could become the object of some mythical creature’s desire. Can you imagine if something so powerful and beautiful chose you over all others….That’s got to boost your self esteem some hasn’t it? Plus we are led to believe that those with supernatural powers are somehow exceptional lovers, so…
I don’t think the feeling of wanting to be the centre of someone elses world is particularly new or weird, it’s central to human nature…but to want that attention from someone or something with a fascinating weirdness, who could choose ANYONE in the world? It’s not something that people are going to freely admit because of the shit tons of pride and parallel fragility that such thoughts stem from. It’s something about proxy to power isn’t it? To be desired by a symbol of strength makes one feel strong, no? All this reminds me of something Tori Amos said about wondering whether Jesus would be a good lover. I think that the desire to be loved by an all-powerful God amounts to pretty much the same thing as wanting to be seduced by a vampire (psychologically speaking). There are ‘spiritual’ nuances that I’m glossing over, but its all the same to me.

So you fantasise about being whisked away by a Witch, by a Mystif, by an Angel or superhero? Hey, that’s ok, as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of real relationships – maybe you need to work a bit on your self-esteem (most of us do) but ultimately everyone else does the same thing in the privacy of their own mind, and I know what you are thinking but, no, the fact that these humanesque creatures in question aren’t quite human doesn’t mean we are talking about beastiality, which is pretty much universally not ok (even in Germany now). Imagination and the unknown are such potent ingredients, who could help but wonder?

Ps. If you have a partner or two in the real world, remember that they have the superpower of putting up with your annoying shit, so don’t take that for granted.

Incidentally the painting at the top is mine (from some ten years ago). It might not be very good but don’t steal it without asking ok?
(c) Accidental Tentacles


Sometimes your voice is not enough


This day is only half real. The wall between my inner and outer world begs to be unlocked. Everywhere I look I see the cold harsh ground overlain with possibilities.The a gauzy sense of how rich and bright things could be, or should be.

You say that I will drown in my utopia. That I will fall asleep inside myself and never wake up, and when faces and words become distorted with hatred and pain, I sure wish I could.

You should know that fantasists like me, we get locked up. Locked and bound with expectations, with drugs and with leathery rules.

Did I hear myself then, beating my weak open fists against the door.
Could I bear my own cries, scratching and begging for something more.
For freedom, for trust, for belief, because I know you only heard rhetoric and gibberish pour out of my mouth.

You say that I will drown in my utopia. That I will fall asleep inside myself and never wake up, and when judgement and blame come raining down, I sure wish I could.

You say I’m wasting my time counting the pink clouds that float across your face, and writing a poem about how the spring wind blows so fiercely through the expectant apple blossoms. How can time spent on enjoyment or expression ever be a waste? You are wasting your time and energy on objects and routines. You are wasting your breath if you think you can change me by telling me I’m wrong.

Don’t keep me locked away. Don’t throw me to the tigers when I can only see kittens. Hold my hand and share my dreams, we can build a bridge between our worlds if you will only hear me.