A head full of horror

I wore the octopus earrings yesterday because we had a symposium and not lab work and this illicited the response
“ewww it’s like Ursula from the little mermaid” (ok actually he said “that gross one from that film with the siren”, then they tried to discuss what that film was… In Spanish it’s sirenita…I had to tell them…sigh)
Mission accomplished though!  😀 thanks lab folk for confirming that you do indeed have no taste when it comes to oceanic accessories (or Disney villains)! Now go and weigh some powders r-e-a-l-l-y accurately.

I’ve just had the unsettling news that I sound terrible when I swear. Apparently I have “picked up” the habit of saying fucking (insert whatever word) all the time and I sound “retarded” when I say it. I don’t think swearing is like nits, you can’t just pick it up and you also can’t stop by using some stinky shampoo. Unless the shampoo has cyanide in, which although it will cease your swearing forever, it will happen along with loss of all other functions…
I do swear too much though. It’s not ladylike is it?

Ha! Ladylike! Awesome. I haven’t been accused of that since I was very young!

On a totally different note, I fed some squash to the horses on Sunday (after inspiration from Issy ) and I’m still waiting to hear if I’ve instigated a massive diarrhoeal disaster….it might sound funny but if you’ve ever had to cope with any volume of liquid horse poop then you’ll understand the totally rational terror of adding new foods.

A colleague lent me a book. Being lent a book is such an uplifting experience, especially when it comes with the knowledge that someone thought you might like it, meaning not only do they know you reasonably well but they think about you AND want to share things to make you happier 🙂

I am therefore taking yet another dystipian SCI-FI journey, this time courtesy of one Mr Vance and this far it has proven to be most satisfactory. I also  love it when books teach me new words. What I love less is being told that I’m only reading it because those kind of books are trendy and I’m a big fat trend-follower. And it’s ok to just do the fashionable thing if you are honest about it.

Fucking bullshite.

Once you are exposed to something,  you find out if you like it. Obscure things are harder to find in the first place. That doesn’t mean you have no personal taste. So yeah I read the first fucking Harry Potter book and the steig larsson and game of thrones books and they were all great. So there.

“I got a head full of horror
I got a sleep I can’t beat
I’m still solving that puzzle
Those little pieces of me”~Seafood, little pieces

A rare transferace of joy via these peculiar tentacles

Some rare events have occured in the last couple of days, during which, I have been reminded how incredibly magnificent and affecting Homo sapiens can be.

I’ve had some lovely and silly, breif chats in real life and virtually, and said a sad farewell to a very talented and all-round  delightful student. I didn’t even get awkward about the goodbye hug. Imagine that!

I’ve been listening to the British band Daughter and finding their music increasingly intoxicating. Imagine my delight when I discovered they will play a gig in my city in the new year. Yay!

Anyway, I received a package this morning in the post:


Not sure if you can read that but the two handwritten notes say “ONLY GOOD VIBES X” and “ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE XXX” plus a big yellow thing with a giant smile on, all bundled up in forest green crepe paper and ribbons. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this might be a mental salvation survival package sent by my mother, but it was actually something I ordered for myself. So cute was the encasement that I almost forgot to take out the items inside; a pair of handmade black tentacle earrings. The adorability of said earrings is immense but the sense of joy I felt was more from the effort that the artist had gone to for someone they had never met. I think I have smiled my way pretty much through an entire day, wearing clay octopus arms in my ear holes, pretending that I’m secretly part cephalopod, and generally thinking that maybe I’m not a total cretin after all for living my ever hopeful existence.

I spent a lot of time working on my latest scientific masterpiece, and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the way it is shaping up. My writing and ability to structure, it would seem, have matured into a form much more readily digested and assimilated (we shall see if the boss lady agrees).

We tried in earnest to acquire some jack-o-lanterns for tonight (at my insistence because a Halloween uncelebrated is a grumpfest waiting to happen) but I felt satisfied with the darling honey bear and yellow acorn squashes that a local farm shop had to offer. I presently diemboweled them and performed the necessary crude open surgery.




Shame about the raggedy carving but it’s good enough for me. Sometimes having emotions is a great thing :).

“You could still be,
what you want to,
What you said you were,
when I met you”~Daughter, medicine

Silver trinkets from far away and a commentary on English language teaching

A cute package of silver earrings arrived from hongkong courtesy of etsy.


Would I buy from etsy again? Sure! I was skeptical but it all worked out just fine:-).

I am still fighting the urge to email the seller and correct the English note that came with the parcel….correction wouldn’t change the meaning, and in a way it’s kind of cute when you have to rearrange a sentence to understand what is being said.
What right do I have to make corrections anyway?? As an English adult who went through the normal educational system (and had two teachers (music and technology) as parents) I have somehow, like most of my peers (except those who did a-level or above eng language) come out of the system knowing almost no rules, and relying on the words ‘sounding right’. Fine you say, if the rules are ingrained and you don’t need to think about them…but…I know several people for whom English is their second, third or fourth language. Most of these people know the meaning of things like subjunctive, present participle, pronouns and who knows what else! It makes me feel quite stupid when I’m arguing til the cows come home that the rule cannot be x because that makes the sentence ‘sound’ stupid!

And this from someone who likes to think they have a pretty decent grasp of their own language, and how best to communicate using it!