Sky made of fog stitched to clouds with spiderwebs

The other one, you know, the one who spews out depression and hunts for the rot beneath everything, well, she’s been locked away for a bit. Spiderwebs, Slugs, Stars, glove and Fog all featured in the past two days of her capture. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Let me explain.
The glove I so sadly lost had been handed in and was patiently awaiting my retrieval 🙂

The first time I saw a slug as a child I was beside myself. Not with fear or disgust but with worry and sadness: I was certain that it was a snail who had its shell stolen by a bird or something, and I was afraid the poor thing was in pain and would die.
I saw one in the doorway to our building and it triggered that memory!
the fog last night was tremendous! Cycling across the common I could barely see a metre ahead of me and doubted my wisdom in choosing that route, but it was also quite intriguing watching the boats and bridge appear before me, emerging like an impressionist painting into my view. Even the church looked kind of soft focussed and the spire rise surrounded by a great halo of orange fog from the uplight. This morning, though it was lighter, the whole city was still shrouded in wispy and patchy clouds of vapour, making everything look kind of like they do in movie dreams, all soft and blended, and kind of pretty. Even the bridge was pretty, it’s bars all adorned by hundreds of spiders webs, each holding a bounty of tiny jewels, glistening in what light could reach them. I’ve never seen those webs before, I wonder how many spiders it took? I wonder if they caught anything other than water and I wonder if anyone else passing by took a second to consider them? I hope so.
The pole star still shines brightly in the sky, and even betwixt the clouds and the fog, some of her sisters peeked. It can be weeks at a time I don’t think to look up. I forget how beautiful those little pinpricks in the fabric of the sky can be. But not today.
So you see, I had to lock the other one away or she would ruin things.

This probably makes little to no sense but there you go. Some days it actually isn’t all doom and gloom, though my boss actually called me “the harbinger of doom” the other day…
Ahh pretty dress and spangly new necklace! Yay¡! also yay for flash obscuring dark circles under eyes and angle obscuring double chin 😀