Mbti personality test fun

First off, here is sox having a big silly roll in the sunshine.(spring, is that you???)


Now for something a little different.

The boss lady just got back from a Management course and was raving about Myers-Briggs personality testing, and how interesting it was, as if psychology was something that has only just been invented! If you’ve never heard of it, the test classifies people into 16 different personality types.
She came out as a physical chemist type, erm ISTJ if I remember correctly. So obviously, I was interested to see what I was. Turns out I’m INFP, so I’m a good moderator, I pay no attention to everyday stuff like washing up(Oh shit I’d better do that before SO gets home), I daydream, I live my life based on how I feel, and lose the power of logic when under pressure (sound like me?). What it also says is that I’m better at communication via paper vs verbally (duh!) and am always looking for the good in people, and remaining open-minded unless someone violates my values, at which point I become aggressively defensive (sound familiar?). Sadly the boss lady was thinking now that maybe she should give ‘extrovert’ people less of a hard time about blurting out ideas without thinking…..looking at me….but…I’m definately introverted, so why do I do that? Now she’s going to think that I have thought that stuff through thorough …when I really haven’t!!

I guess there are others out there like me who have an insatiable desire to fix people’s problems, to help them through difficult times and make everything harmonious and utopian.
Incidentally being infp makes me more prone to depression (probably because real life isn’t as awesome as my idealistic fantasy world).

How altogether fascinating. So maybe I’m not just lazy, selfish and irrational after all?!

Go and have a try and see what yours comes out as…I wonder if they got you spot on, or if some people don’t quite fit in those 16 boxes and require more sophisticated psychological modelling 🙂

“We were so aimless
But so filled with purpose”~ida, do you remember


A bit of everything

Kitty cat is so happy here, she eagerly awaits me in the mornings, is playful and affectionate and hasn’t missed the litter tray once or stank out the flat. She loves her new scratching post and has shed several claw sheaths ( non cat owners, did you know that cats shed the outer layer of their claws to make way for new sharper edges?). I’m gonna miss the little madam. She is only here until tomorrow afternoon 😦 booooo. Double boo is that the flat MUST be spotless as my bosses mum is coming to collect her.

How the hell do you get a cat in a box? Last time boss lady did it…im not sure this cat will ACTUALLY be leaving tomorrow!

Dusty has been awesome company, wanting cuddles and having cat conversations and generally being a delightful cat-person to have around.

In other news, I had another wedding guest dress dilemma and decided it was time to get a new dress. For the first time in the history of the world I have found a dress that looks better on me than the model used in the photoshoot! Not only this but the sales lady told me I had a gorgeous hourglass shape (ok I’m sold!). Such a sucker for a compliment! This one is unusual for me…a large flower print…oh I’ll just show the link…


I can accessorize with black, black and black and still not look like I’m at a funeral.

Regarding food/weight this not counting thing is great but….I have lost a bit of weight and need to consciously eat more…I had takeaway and canteen food this week but even still the number slid down a bit and I’m left feeling deflated and tired.

Go go gadget nut and seed extravaganza!

Oh speaking of nuts I broke a tooth on a pistachio…I assume it was a bit of shell? Ugh. Drama. Two trips to the dentist to fix it 😦 and two days of being unable to rest my jaw properly but now all fixed and comfy..I have not felt relief like having that monster filling drilled back to size…I could have hugged that lovely eastern European dentist lady (but refrained)

What else can I tell you about? The fact that half a pint of beer got spilt over the coffee table and I was yelled at and told “quick”
Quick what? You are getting cloths, what am I meant to be quickly doing?

Stress. But what I did realise when I cleaned the rug was….oh good lord the carpets are FILTHY. Must get a carpet cleaner on loan, I’m disgusted at the dirt that came off such a small patch of rug. Oh poor rug….its been through the wars this week…cat pulling up fibres, beer, scrubbing. There is surely a limit to the amount of drama a £35 rug will endure!?

Had another dream about ex…weird because it involved his wife and kid…and mostly I was just being a counsellor rather than a temptress which was a nice shift of emphasis! My brain is so silly!

I’ve been bemoaning my lot regarding this infernal manuscript which we are trying to publish. Well. In a very unusual move, one of the journals to which we previous submitted has changed their mind and decided they want us to resubmit for review.
Well I never!
This is all very peculiar – I guess that it depends do heavily on the interest of the editor who happens to see the manuscript , and in this case it turns out an editor who DIDNT see it actually has s lot of interest in the topic.
Now I have the unenviable task of rewriting thr paper in the correct format with the right emphasis as the boss lady is in Hawaii and
I’m feeling a bit out of my depth. Boss is very particular about writing. Collaborator is very aware of underselling I am scared of overselling. Journal is very selective so all in all a huge pressure!!!

And breathe

You know how little kids sometimes sing songs to themselves? I used to sing about princesses and ponies and faeries etc….well imagine if a 30 year old man did this- only he was preoccupied with defacation, genetalia esp gay sex and animal abuse / bestiality. I’ve threatened to record him and start a new blog just showcasing his lyrical ability!!

Smelly cat

First off, I was woken up at 3:30 am by SO telling me that the cat had done a massive stinky shit in the litter tray and that the whole flat stank of shit.
So. He didn’t tell me to clean it up pronto but the threat of a poopy stinking flat didn’t delight me. So. I got up, scooped the steamer up and flushed that baby away. SO couldn’t do it because “he would throw up” hmmm really?
So I’m sleepy and could really have used an extra hour in bed 😦

oh god. OH MY GOD! how the hell does one small animal cause enough stink to leave two adults almost wretching? I had just accused SO of doing a loud fart and he maintained it wasnt him when the cat came darting back into the living room away from the litter tray followed by an unprecedented and unacceptable stench. SO almost threw up and I had to deal with the offending, offensive erm, poop. I thought this was a nice kitty, good greif this place is definitely not big enough to keep a cat long term. For a start you’d need an extra wing to hide in until the smell subsides, or at the very least, the ability to let kitty outside. Eeegads…

Ok that was less poetic and more feces-oriented than I planned

I was laughing so hard I cried

That would be because I’m immature and SOs reactions are so over the top!

That’s it, no more kitty treats and back to the ‘indoor cat’ food. And definitely no meaty Pringles.

Good Friday miscellany

Even though I have done all of the housework this week with a broken wrist I was told today that I dont pull my weight with the chores.
What. The. Fuck.

Sorted the cat out 🙂 left her a radio on and a lamp and shut her in the living room. Voila! No disturbed sleep. The mother of all cat poops was waiting for me on the morning.
So all is good here.

I keep getting electric shocks from Dusty’s ears and I got one from the end of her nose! Poor love bounded off in surprise from that one!

I think I overdid the skyrim yesterday, my elbow is really cramped today…curses!

I think I might use the slendertone while I’m not cycling / riding. I dont mind being heavier but it always deposits on the belly to start with and that’s not a good look! Having said that, it hasn’t made a tremendous difference to SO’s ahem, physique.

About nelson Mandela, I guess I’m just a slave to the media slants because SO says Mandela is nothing but a terrorist and that he probably has less conviction than a certain prominent Muslim fundamentalist, or Irish terrorist organizations. I really can’t argue when I dont know all that much about it, but in my opinion, fighting against apartide is a more noble cause than just fighting for land or religious ideology.

Cat enjoyed watching SO playing new bioshock. I think she prefers him to me. Largely because I’m annoying and want her to play all the time. Yup. Cats definitely dobt make good dogs.

I started compiling this list of orders I have been given today but thought better than to publish it.I dislike statements beginning with ‘don’t…’ its just rude and disrespectful. But then so is giving threats then saying they aren’t threats but truth.

Ok. Slight misjudgment here. Don’t slendertone soon after eating a heavy meal and chocolate…especially if nausea causes you health anxiety.

I’m kind of looking forward to finishing the song of ice and fire books…I like them pretty well, but have read them back to back over several months ( difficult to fond time to read these days) and I’ve had perdido station sat in my living room for over a year now and I’d quite likes to read it.

What to do over the easter holiday? Drink lots of tea, torment the kitty cat, continue to do all of the housework and feel sad that I can’t go see the ponies.

Possibly the most pointless and boring post ever. My head hurts and seemingly the cure wasn’t to bleed out the spare words using a technological leech.

Good cat, bad cat- my first experience of looking after a kitty

I am looking after my bosses cat for 10 days

2013-03-27 21.17.48

Isn’t she just adorable! her name is Dusty (on account of she looks like a tortoiseshell who has rolled in dust to give her muted colours)

Initially all went ok -Ii went to my bosses house, admired the work they have done on their unimaginably valuable cottage, and we packed up the necessary cat things for her stay, said hello to Dusty then drove her over to my place. Now, I have never had a cat, so I guess I was a bit naive about what to expect. so to start I was a bit disappointed that she immediately shot under the bed and hid there. 😦 but after my boss finished her tea and left, SO decided it was unhygienic for the cat to be in the bedroom and he was tired (8pm) and i had to get her out form under the bed- well, fine, but i susect lifting up the mattress and scaring the poor thing out wasn’t the best plan ;/

once out of the bedroom, i managed to hide a tablet for her in her food which disappeared quite nicely, and she made cat water in the litter tray, and jumped onto the sofa for a cuddle with SO and then me. Ok I thought, we’ve cracked it – the cat is now happy. Oh no he wasn’t.

I was woken up at 1AM by yowling, I figured she was hungry so fed her, but after food and me going back to bed the noises continued until 5:30AM when SO got up…and so did I…because it’s my fault we have the cat here. Ugh. Obviously this text is being written powered mostly by caffeine and twiglets.
So sleepless nights give rise to slight cat annoyance. The plan today is to keep her awake as long as possible so she sleeps tonight, and also having two rather than one shut door in between us and darling kitty cat. We had fun this morning though, kitty and I – I showed her how to get on the windowsill, and she started trying to scratch the litter tray, but being smooth plastic wasn’t much good but as soon as claw met carpet she was scolded.
No cats in the spare (cd) room. No cats on or in the bed. No cats in the ensuite, no pooping, puking or weeing anywhere but the litter tray, no scratching my stuff and no keeping me awake at night. That’s is the rules of my abode.
About the pooping. Boss said she produces a huge amount of um solids, but since arriving no deposit has been made in the litter tray. I seriously hope that SO is wrong and that she hasn’t hidden a stealth poop somewhere.
A cut in the carpet has appeared. UNDERNEATH where the scratching post was. Ah well that carpet is screwed anyway…but how did it happen? Could have been from the iron incident but the angle looks wrong. Could a cat slice a rip through an entire carpet layer? As you see I’m not the worlds greatest feline expert, I just know purring is good hissing is bad and it’s nice to have some company 🙂
Things I have learnt so far
1. Cat food stinks.
2. Kitty will leave some of the stinkiest food rather than finish it straight away because then the whole house will stink.
3. Kitty will try to climb anything even if it’s clearly unstable (ie freestanding DVD rack.
4. Kitty does not do much on command and makes a bad dog
5. When kitty cries in the night you should ignore them or they will do it every night.
6. Kitty likes warm dark places to hide
7. If the cat is hungry enough they dont notice tablets in food (boss was hiding it inside chicken, I figured hiding it in the whiskers was just as good.
8. Kitty wants attention when you are busy or asleep but wants to sleep when you want to play / cuddle.

ps because Dusty’s tail swished across my face SO says I now have cat poo on my face. :/


Im trying to keep her awake but every time I try to explain now is the awake, playing, cuddling, wandering around time not at night, she just looks at me with this expression on her face that says ‘fuck off’ and put her head back down again. I am clearly not alpha cat here.