Seattle Aquarium and Gasworks Park

DSC_0092 2015-10-05 14.01.42 2015-10-05 14.01.28 2015-10-05 14.01.26 2015-10-05 13.52.14 DSCF5295 DSCF5294 2015-10-05 10.56.17 2015-10-05 14.01.16


One thought on “Seattle Aquarium and Gasworks Park

  1. […] Day 5 we had a busy day, starting out in Freemont taking a look at the Troll under the bridge, and then went for a stroll around the gasworks park. This place was really unique, a great view of the cityscape and some great industrial relics. We then meandered over to the aquarium which was nice, as I got to stroke a starfish and the highlight was seeing the sea otters. I have never seen these little critters in real life and they are just THE most adorable things ever. For proof and shots of the gasworks park see here. […]

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