3 days ’till snowfall will freeze imperfection,

these nights draw closer like thundering echoes.

Tread once the path,

dance into the fire,

sinewy challengers whisper “liar”

Faceless and empty their purpous fulfilled,

I am one Purple amongst fireside and Red.

Aknife can’t bring tears to those who are red,

but pain will bring tears and that’s how i bleed,

Surrounded by voices i cannot distinguish,

from bickering,vengeful,contagious,inciteful,

charity,pity, enveloping hatred.

Leaving the furnace, and dance into snowfall,

each step imprinted and bloodstained forever.

How many days will pass till I falter?

3 days for Mercury runs in my veins.

© PickledSparklyMoosePrincess – author


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