a shade of black, you can only see if you’re

imagining the colour of the essence of

the moments where, they forgot to hand the salt,

and the snowstorm is burying you quick-like,

the voices are playing, angels and snowmen

but it’s so white that the white fades

into nothing more than the palest kind of,

black, like a lie, you never knew there were

shades within the light, amongst the dark,

and you’re breathing in the thoughts that fate,

stole from your lips, a kiss to keep you,

silent through the day,

and screaming through the night,

where the dreams turn to chasms of fears,

painted with that very same blackness you feel,

it’s a heavy scent, you try to scrub away,

but all the prayers and all the soapsuds,

won’t cleanse the scar that you were born to bear.

2 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. This one’s my favorite so far. Love the interplay between the colors and the line “where dreams turn to chasms of fears.”

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