I am a blemish on mankind,
An entity constructed wholly on imperfection.
Those who are good rain hate and disgust upon my soul.
Maddening though it sounds, the solemn silence is where fears are born,
I can hear words through silence.
A world of surreality. Real in my mind..
What if this truth alone is truth.
I am faced with a lifetime of lies, and that is where my fear is most. I fear deception.
Pain, punishment are all I endure. Maybe they can change me.
Something must.
I can see how so many turn away, when I look upon myself,
My nature, my tangled web of imperfection,
I feel the same towards it as the rest.
My life in distrust has taught that I shall not trust.
I cannot (for I know not how)
So many days I wish I could leave this earth,
Punish it no more,
But that would be too easy. I remain because it is hard,
And I deserve such suffering,
And pain and this torture upon my soul,
Is why I am here.

© PickledSparklyMoosePrincess – author

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