Choose your travelling companion wisely

I highly recommend that you travel with someone who copes with jetlag in the same way that you do. I cannot tel you how irritating it is to be told that there is noo such thing as jetlag and they don’t understand what the problems is when you are just curled up and wishing the whole world would stop making everything seem horrible and wrong. Before we even left we had drama. I suggested we check in using Delta’s phone app because that would be easy, BUT this was a BIIIIG deal for SO, and to make matters worse when we reached the airport, his app crashed and he had a total meltdown. I tried to explain that he could just ask for a boarding pass but, no, I had to accept that it was all MY fault because he didn’t want to use the app in the first place – and it was MY fault that we ran out of ink and didn’t get more in time to print out the boarding passes. Geees! come one, that’s just not fair, we both knew about the ink situation!!

Also – do not assume that agreements made prior to travel will be honored. I told SO that I would go to the festival if and ONLY if he promised to sort out the taxi for us.  This did not materialise – his phone was incapable of installing the app for the taxi (way to go SO, nice one on deciding not to upgrade your phone because it was ‘fine’ and just getting a sim-free contract last month). and so I had the app, and i checked, there was a taxi 5 mins away but the set hadn’t finished. SO said something about it being the last one then as it finished (finally!) he  then asked if I’d booked the taxi – well, no, so I went to book and there was no cab available. We went and sat down for a bit and I was annoyed because he reckoned that telling me it was the last song was the same as telling me to book a taxi…I was waaay too tired to see how this was the same thing, so I then asked SO to call a cab company, which he refused and got all stressy and angry about, so I went outside to call another cab company BUT I couldn’t get the number to work. I tried three or four times, but to no avail – I couldn’t get through and so as SO refused point blank to ask anyone around us for help, I had to go to the bar and ask them to call us a cab. God knows how he would have got back without me. I really hate that kind of behaviour – right when i needed him to take charge and act responsibly despite his random fears that he refuses to discuss with me. I asked him the next day what the hell he would have done without me and he said he’d have just hailed a cab in the street…so why the fuck couldn’t he do that when I was there??

Make sure that your travelling partner knows how to use google maps, and that their phone is capable of mapping routes etc because otherwise you will end up doing ALL of it and using up all of your battery and none of theirs. Especially if your phone is the only way you can get home and you have to switch it off to preserve battery and therefore have nothing to browse on while you get utterly bored by music you distinctly dislike.

When or if you make a mistake or misjudgement as I did Re: the hill to the station + luggage, then some concern and help would be ideal. Unacceptable responses are to say it’s all my fault for not ordering a taxi and rush rush rush no time to take a breather, even though I knew we were going to arrive at the airport with more than 3 hours to the flight…

GRRRRR, I want a travel companion to make the trip enjoyable not stressful and blame-filled.


One thought on “Choose your travelling companion wisely

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