Whoever shone the brightest, was she blinding?

Was she sweet enough to make sugar taste like salt?

Because that’s what it felt like

As you rubbed your manna call

Against the picture-framed paragon

I only ever saw a paragram edged in white

But this shade has seen corruption,

And let it unravel the flowers leaving it bare.

Did she whisper shivers down your spine

About how to fall forever into freedom?

Didn’t she tell you, you can’t own perfection

When you brandished that mounted muse?

And if you charge me a favour for your breath,

I will choke on your illusive sacrifice.

She taught you how to open your eyes so wide,

That everything looks like light and purity,

And every face in the mirror is that Donna Belle,

Behind the guise of nature’s domino.

I wonder if you saw five of every illusion,

Because it had you so enthralled,

That you never heard my pyromancy.

Were they good, those nights you lay within

The woven branches of dependence?

Where images of her beauty kept you sweating,

And promises of a caress was only a breath away?

She handed you that canvas,

And you trapped your only chance in a wreath

Of Roses which looked so dear ?

But barbed the way to perfection.

You would never bleed for this,

Not while that Belladonna glimmers in the blur.

© PickledSparklyMoosePrincess – author


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