Winter attire

Winter weather has finally descended on the UK. Snow and subzero and all things icy and chilly. Unfortunately the horses still need to be exercised, even when I fear the onset of hypothermia and death of exposure. I dashed out yesterday to a tack shop to buy a slightly overpriced warm jacket to attempt to keep feeling in my body and arms on hacks. We will see how that goes. We will also see how size medium shapes up…I don’t think I own anything else in medium except chaps and gloves, but they don’t make those coats flattering or generous (for those who religiously wear a body protector). We shall see indeed, wrapped up in two pairs of thermal tights, joddies, thermal half chaps, two thermal tops, another tshirt, fleece and new coat, whether I make it back at around normal body temperature! Sadly I haven’t discovered a full weather proof face protector device for riding in, so sexy widburnt dry flaky itchy face it is!
Horse riding is so glamorous, don’t you think?

I think I’ve decided how to divide things between the two blogs PSMP and accidental tentacles. The artsy creative moderately to deeply considered stuff is going over there, and the typical explosions of utter nonsense and largely unedited guff will stay here. I’ve had some teething problems with formatting and tags and organization, but I think it’s coming together. At least it’s something new.


2 thoughts on “Winter attire

  1. Sadly my riding buddy was ill so actually no hypothermia-inducing exercise for me, and more importantly

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