Shadow puppets


I’m making shadow puppets for you,
But my left eye
Took a turn
About a hundred miles back
And I can’t see
If your shadow moves towards me or away.

I could have sworn that this was
Something more than
Fear and static.
Someone whispered in your voice
But you weren’t there
And it echoed in the hollows and the cracks.

I’m writing calligraphic nightmares
For you to touch
When it’s quiet
Enough to see the shadows
Dancing once before the lights can burn us out.

5 thoughts on “Shadow puppets

  1. Reblogged this on Anyone's Ghost and commented:
    Babe I think you didn’t see this one.

  2. I got a reblog? oh my! how exciting 😀 thanks Flanders!

  3. Every word is the right word. Fantastic.

  4. The bloody echoes in ‘the hollows and the cracks’. We need to shove rags in their mouths.

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