Inco.mplete rearrangements

Bring out the maracas(or percussive instrument or instrument of torture of your choice)! I think my stomach is healed!

A content tummy is something to be wholly appreciative of. Thanks universe 🙂

Last weekend saw a trip to see the ‘in-laws’. (if you think you can hear me rolling my eyes then there might be a reasonable for that). I honestly believe that everyone thinks that everyone else’s family are giant bunches of weirdos. I am, of course,  no exception.

We had some enforced ‘fun’ time Where we were shipped to the beach to see the sea, play crazy golf and play on the 2p arcade games. Clearly I lost the golf (on account of limited spacial awareness, disconnect in hand-eye coordination and the fact that I wasn’t cheating (much)). Looking grumpy was not an option, and I was just desperately waiting for someone to send me something to proof-read so I could engage my brain in something but it was not to be. Seagulls and flaky paint it was then.

A whole truckload of tongue-biting ( what an image)is prerequisite for such a visit. It is always riling to have to hear comments like ‘they might be gay, but they are nice people’ delivered without a hint of comprehension of how homophobic that they sounded (I shot SO the widest-eyed look imaginable). To have a question asked about me to someone else when I’m RIGHT THERE!!!!( hello???) And the utter horror of having the Alpha male swear and gesticulate violently at some poor sod who was lost and wanted to turn around in their driveway. What sickens me is how proud and righteous he was about the whole situation, bragging to a very uncomfortable looking neighbour about it. No-one will call him on his jeuvenility because they are too afraid of being the next victim in the eye of sauron. Sometimes grown men just need a smacked bottom (in as unkinky way as possible, so like, maybe with a dirty binbag or something) to be shown how ridiculous they are. Sadly Alpha female would not condone any confrontation and so instead, I was used as a social buffer, as someone less likely to evoke an angry response to an invitation to sit down for lunch. Sigh.

I don’t know about you but when I visit someone else’s family I get really bored very easily. On this occaission I got so bored that I actually cleaned and polished the car inside and out. I have no love of cars or cleaning, but it did give some much needed respite from the incredible stream of bigoted prejudiced comments that I had to hear but not react to. Instead I had the neighbours making the highly original joke about their car being next…£100 mate… Yeah, didn’t think so…hehe.

This is all rather insipid isn’t it. So to brighten the mood I’ll let you into a little secret. I visited a lab recently that work on the malaria parasite, plasmodium. I learned a bit about how this incredible creature invades and survives…and.. I got to visit the room where mosquitoes were infected with malaria! Though I was super itchy afterwards…just….eugh…gross….itchy….Bleh….

Here is. Runner bean using a blade of grass as support.


“Dark clouds bring waters, when the bright bring none.”~john bunyan, pilgrim’s progress.


2 thoughts on “Inco.mplete rearrangements

  1. Ha! This is probably how my wife feels when she visits my family.

    Fav: “And the utter horror of having the Alpha male swear and gesticulate violently at some poor sod who was lost and wanted to turn around in their driveway.”

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