Broncing horse and broken nose. Thanks Buster.

Have you ever seen a horse bronc? Well it looks a bit like this:

and this behaviour usually ends up with a rider splatted on the ground.

This week the field was broken into and people stole a load of my friend’s stuff, scared the shit out of the horses in the process. My little buddy even freaked when he first saw me come into the field until he realised it was me, and he’s not normally highly strung.


^one chilled beastie

Out on the ride my steed was acting like a young-un, tanking off into a very fast canter at every opportunity of stubble field and then tolerating (with a bit of spooking) a couple of dogs running towards him and one sniffed at his leg (dog got a whip waved in their direction of course, don’t want someone’s poor pooch killed by a horse kick). Not long afterwards, Buster spooked at a dog making noise in the hedge, bolted and when I tried to pull him up, decided that,  no, he’d rather take evasive action rather than slow down or turn away from the hedge. And so you won’t be surprised to hear that when my little angel Buster went on a bucking bronco fit, I flew off and crashed into the ground, smacking my head in the process. I’ll give him credit for 1) having the energy to have such a mad broncing fit that continued after I was ejected, 2) dodging out of my way as I fell and 3) ultimately just stopping and not bolting off into the distance. (good boy, a bit too late for obedience though matey!).

Apparently I have a very mild head injury that can be managed with paracetamol and rest, but it does look like I fractured the bridge of my nose. Which would explain why it hurts like hell. And why putting my sunglasses on suddenly became unpalatable (Yay for not having my sunnies (or my self for that matter) trampled on!)

To be fair, I was processed relatively fast by A and E, as I was out in about 2 hours, but it took 1.45 hours to get some damned paracetamol out of the stingey buggers. As I wasn’t planning any public trips, I was wearing a skin-tight white(ish) tank that was a major nipple exposer and so had to borrow SO’s plaid shirt to cover up my chest and the weird horse-related stains on my top (mmmm how attractive). I’ll bet that processed me faster to get the horsey stink out of the waiting room….

Please send hugs and virtual paid -killers because I hurt.

I should probably add that I was riding responsibly, I had both a hat and body protector on that conformed to safety regulations, as well as a reflective jacket, and was carrying my phone and some mints (good for shock).


2 thoughts on “Broncing horse and broken nose. Thanks Buster.

  1. Ha late late hugs and pain meds. Sorry I missed it earlier!

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