I want pancakes and coffee

Sooooo it’s been a while and I’ve been quiet here. Mostly because I can’t focus on much other than the ever pervasive nausea, stomach tenderness, bloating and malaise that come part and parcel with a stomach infestation of helicobacter pylori. I’d love to tell you that I took one pill and everything cleared up and I now feel alive again, but that simply isn’t true. I’ve become a total bore…more than usual even, talking endlessly about my damned stomach woes. I am bored with this myself. So very bored. And yet. Here I am whinging on about it once again. Because I took quite a few tablets and don’t feel a fat lot better. In fact, I’m also losing weight and that’s pissing me off. I’ll keep this short because it’s fucking boring, but I feel like shit, and I’m fed up beyond words. I need my stomach to sort it’s shit out in the next few weeks because I’m not happy about taking all this (gestures to grumpy pained face) on an expensive holiday of whinging and dry toast eating. Ok stomach? Hear that? If you behave yourself you can have all the pancakes you can bear, how’s that?

I was so busy whingeing and feeling sorry for myself that forgot to put a lyric – so I had to come back and do it…

“Love, I love you, I want to give you mountains, the sunshine, the sunset too
I just want to give you a world as beautiful as you are to me”~jewel, painters


7 thoughts on “I want pancakes and coffee

  1. I love pancakes. Be well.

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