Curious tentacles

I like spiced rum.
I like mythical Beasts.
I like things thart are a bit weird.
So after a couple of glasses of black kraken rum with ginger ale, I thought I would check out the brand. You can Imagine my delight when I found out that you can get an umbrella with a kraken on the underside that has a rubbery tentacle handle!


It’s the most adorable (inanimate) thing I’ve seen in months!
But. And this is a pretty significant but, the shipping to UK is $80 so I am now in mourning for the awesome storm-defying weapon that could otherwise have been mine. (insert noise of someone vocalising a grump). Maybe I can paint my own version on a plain black brolly and make a tentacle handle from papermache? But. I only have watercolour paints, and the handle would melt in the rain. Damn you, poorly thought out pseudo-optimism!

“Her tentacles of endless want
Reach through my corridors
And tempt me to taste of her power
I sober with the witching hour”~tori amos, almost rosey


3 thoughts on “Curious tentacles

  1. carly456 says:

    This is super cool. I wonder if you could find a plastic toy octopus and use its tentacle as your handle… then you could use the extras to put octopus tentacles on everything! lol.

  2. Wow I just saw this rum for the first time a few weeks ago and love the tentacle-ly design. Want this umbrella, mine just broke too.

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