Hey Hey, turn the record over

Apologies for the unacceptable melancholia that infused the last post. I put that sadness in the bin and put on some music instead.

You know how sometimes you get obsessed with a song and simply HAVE to listen to it hundreds of times until you have memorised every single second? well. That is currently in progress.

This song is to blame:

so of course I posted in on facebook to share the joy – everyone loves a song about a failed relationship right?

but not one like. People have no taste.

This obsession has extended into a second day but has been accompanied by the following song, also by the Gaslight Anthem (though I have to block out the first 30 seconds or so cos that but is a bit sucky.)

partly cos I love the line

“I’m in love with the way you’re in love with the night
And it travels from heart, to limb, to pen”

it’s so perfectly evocative.

Every other song by this band pales in comparison to these two and I simply don’t know how someone would even start to put together compositions that are so balanced, catchy, interesting, and downright addictive. I think its got something to do with the really tight harmonies and on-point guitars.

I thought I’d share the love anyway 🙂

“Have you seen my hands, just look at ‘em shake.
And the song just keeps on repeating, drop the needle again”~gaslight anthem, 45


4 thoughts on “Hey Hey, turn the record over

  1. I feel the exact same way about this band. I was so excited when I heard 45 but then disappointed at the rest.

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