Fighting the decay

Failure is always there.

As long as we remain human, as long as we fall short of the 46+2 that would spark the transcendence from this limbo into another plane of consciousness, we are destined to fail.

Our limbo in-between beasts and gods plays havoc with the ego. So certain are we that we are each in control of our own destinies, that we are gods among ourselves, that we are worthy of self-worship, or otherwise investing our spiritual energy into someone else’s vision of a god, that we forget our primal instincts.

So quick are we to congratulate ourselves for meaningless social achievements, that we too often leave untended the parts deep within our psyche that are responsible for the tidal waves on which the ego floats. Every time that you choose to ignore your instincts, you starve your ability to sense through the ancient wisdom that we all bear. The part that does not see failure, that does not judge, that simply is.

Judgement can be a human tragedy, and we are all its victims, and in its eyes are nothing but a list of failures.

Maybe in your eyes I am nothing but a list of inadequacies, as maybe in time, you become to me, but how about lets go and take a stroll into a deeper forest together, where none of that matters and we can accept and be accepted?

I can’t bear this weight of such frailty, can you?

“Is there life beyond the sky?
Does it matter if we fly?
Or is it enough to be
Simply as we are?”~ heather nova, humanness


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