I’ve forgotten how to write, and I’m giving up on speech

One day, I’ll stop shamelessly stealing lyrics for post titles, but today, my friends, today is not that day.

I think New Hampshire knows I’m coming and has turned on the faucets of expectatory water relocation. The obvious upside of this is that in any free time I get on this trip, I can nap and not feel bad about wasting the lovely weather!

That’s right folks, I’m transatlanticly translocating, a movent catalysed by Virgin Atlantic and instigated by my ability to nag the powers who decided to send me away!

I had such high hopes all those months ago of how I would be drowning in data and ideas, and would have no problems changing the poster title from ‘tbd’ to something a little more snappy. Yet here I am, mere days from travel and not only haveth I not a poster, but neither do I have the data with which to furnish said poster. What I cannot fathom at this moment, is how I am managing to sleep so damned soundly and not be fretting about this situation. I think I know that fate will pull me through. If not I can always take my backup plan…

See I’ve got this project I’ve been meaning to realise…the science of baby animal cuteness.

Now I just need to do a survey of some willing voulenteer to prove my theory…

“Put me out of my misery
Let me go for my sanity”~curve, forgotten sanity


One thought on “I’ve forgotten how to write, and I’m giving up on speech

  1. I concur with your findings concerning animal baby cuteness. Glad to hear that you poster finally came together. Good luck presenting!

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