Temper tantrums and manipulation

I have to admit that I’m intrigued by people who have anger problems. I simply do not understand how a sober person degenerates into a screaming, yelling or violent POS at what appear to be mild stimuli.

I’ve just finished watching the TV series Oz, and was astounded at the level of anger mismanagement and violence portrayed therein. If you aren’t familiar with it, OZ is about a fictional correctional facility where inmates are given more freedom as a psychological experiment aimed at rehabilitation. Only. What happens is that a great deal of the characters that we see get “taken out” by fellow inmates due to anger, based largely on retaliation. So in such a place if you piss someone off, you might get shanked in your sleep. How diplomatic.

Obviously that was fictional, but after watching all that violence and seeing characters who one has become emotionally invested in killed, there is something very disturbing about having someone in real life prodding their finger in your kidney or belly and saying “shank!” or “stab!”. I’m sorry, I’m not a 12 year old boy, so I don’t find that amusing, I mean, it’s practically a threat.

So why did I watch such a horrific series if I got upset? Well the characters were very complex. Many were extreme manipulators, a quality that also intrigues me because I cannot fathom it. The overall thread running through that there was still hope for these incarcerated “turds”. I’ll admit that the grit made it much harder to swallow, and that parts were nauseating, but having some long running characters touting taking responsibility, learning (self)forgiveness, moving on and giving another chance as the things that kept the unit afloat was enough to temper the barbaric violence.

I only wish that others could take those messages home. Like those who feel the need to repeatedly yell “fuck off!” and throw, punch or kick things. Even if those things are pillows and not something sharp or heavy.

To resort to physical violence is an immature response to an overwhelming sensation of anger. Most of us can find other outlets, but sometimes it seems like you can’t rid yourself of the feeling without breaking something, and I know I’ve been there. But violence and breaking things just causes the cracks to spread. The anger isn’t gone, it’s just waiting at the next crossroad.

Disconnect and self-destruct one bullet at a time”~ a perfect circle, the outsider


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