it feels like the air has shivered

Heather nova is making a new album and I got to hear the first single today from pledge music. The song itself may not be her best but the following lyrics ressonated with me.

“I often am misunderstood,
Make a mess of things,
Where I search for good,
I walk right in when I know I should just walk away”

I find this to be an adorable, musical description of people who are just like me!

On a totally different topic, the lab is getting a bit weird. One member wearing hotpants and another with a 2 inch quiff ( it was measured). I thought it was all meant to be about the science guys..Damn! They’ve raised the bar now.. (roots around looking for a tshirt without holes in)…Meh, hobo nerd chic is in this season, right?!? Oh hey I never told you about this beauty:


It’s a tshirt btw…

Awesome right? Now can you spot the mistake? (bonus points if you have no chemistry background, mega bonus and a live recording of me singing a song of your choice if you can tell me without using a search engine)



“What does it all come down to
I’m losing myself
There’s scissors for voodoo in my mind
I’m doing it my way”~ben Christophers, losing myself

The post title is from Ben Christophers’ the opium willows


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