I need a stranger to tell me I’m beautiful

I have dreams about rapture, waking and sleeping, day and night. Do you dream about passion? Those tormenting visions of overwhelming emotions and desire teetering on the edge of monomania, too headstrong and organic for logic or guilt to sink their teeth into. Does the past get swept into fictional scenes of unbridled expression and limitless freedom? Do you long for the hurricane embrace of life and love? I’m talking about losing yourself into something or someone so fully that “self” becomes nothing but an abstract term you once read about. Are you waiting for a stranger to tell you how beautiful you are? Or for fervor to fuel you into staying up all night painting your soul? Do you seek to adore with as much passion as you crave in return?And then, when you can’t find such fervor in your existence, do you doubt yourself? Do you doubt that such visions can come true?

“I wanna hold onto nothing and ride
Like the cinnamon girl
Like a butterfly
Just hold onto nothing
And ride” ~heather nova, ride.


5 thoughts on “I need a stranger to tell me I’m beautiful

  1. The V-Pub says:

    There are times that I thought I was in that state of mind, only to come out disillusioned. I don’t think that I doubted myself, but more that my ideal was a dream…

  2. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wrap my ahead around that series of questions. 😉

    Do u literally need a stranger to tell u ur beautiful? I could probably arrange that!

  3. questions are for wrapping around one’s head and not vice versa methinks, I shall wear my curiosity as a headscarf and there’s nothin you can do to stop me!. PS The title is a lyric from a song, no literal interpretation required.

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