Springlike marchtime inspiration

Today SO has a friend visiting ( I think he’s visiting to ask SO to be his best man (and so does SOs ma) but anyway, this has meant that I’ve had some precious home alone time :D. I decided to return to that painting of buster and I put in a couple of hours of what felt like quite drastic work. If you remember, I left the painting looking like this (a bit wonky and jaundiced) back in November:


Now it looks like this:


I dealt with the excessive yellow tonality by mixing burnt sienna with blue and purple, to fix the bay colouration(noting this so I can recreate that colour at s later date!). I balanced up his eyes and nostrils a bit, gave more texture to the forelock and added some detail to the blaze. I’m still not happy or finished, but as a work in progress, it’s not disastrous. The nose end of things and facial shading need an overhaul but it’s starting to look a bit more like a horse than a my little pony :). Shame I misplaced one of my brushes…I’m working with a giant flat or a series of tiny rigger brushes! No nice blue handled tapered round size 5 staples for me (where are you my lovely?).

I can barely believe that it got to 17 degrees today. Not only that but I didn’t put a coat on all day, and spent the vast majority in a vest top. It was only last week that I was wearing 5 layers to cycle in to avoid hypothermia!

I ordered myself a TOOL tshirt (can’t believe I don’t own one yet really), so obviously thar makes me happy and I skipped my prozac so everything around me is all nice and on the verge of surreality. I expect to sleep log-like and will see my muse tomorrow ( male version of muse is also muse?)

And now for a peaceful bath while the boys go to the pub!

“Girls you’ve got to know
When it’s time to turn the page”~tori amos, Northern lad


3 thoughts on “Springlike marchtime inspiration

  1. Glad you are still working on it! It’s coming along. Do you paint like Bob Ross? With a palette an easel and a mind soothing whisper?

  2. […] can see how the painting developed here and here. Looking back I wanted his eyes to be Really big at the […]

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