Leaving the light on; boats are bad but boils are worse


Have you read “heart of darkness”? If so, please tell me if it stops being about boats. I really cannot tolerate novels about boats. It was a miracle I made it to the end of “the scar” by China mieville and the “boat” in that was kind of like a raft of hundreds of boats melded into a floating city. Sounds interesting? Nope. Boats, too late, like physics, netball and war stories (Gabriel garcia marquez aside) end in Zzzzzzz. Damn, maybe that would sort out my sleep problems…Hmmm..

If you, like me, are plagued by the detestable unnatural state of growing monumental carbuncles ( ok actually small pimples) on your face, you’ll know how great it is when you find a way to get rid of the bastards. I haven’t touched that tube of panoxyl for months, so in desperation I cracked it open. Three days later and my skin’s pretty clear and nongreasy and then, and only then, do I remember all too late, what happens when you peroxide your face. If you don’t already know, what happens is that your face turns into a human snowglobe, or an early stage zombie and no makeup can rescue you. Oh no! It just makes it look like you’ve got some hideous contagious disease. Mmm tasty.

Soooo that’s pretty much it. I shed facial dandruff for your entertainment and my own stupidit and I try to read about boats because it seemed like a good idea but actually just sends me to sleep (for a while).

“First my left foot
Then my right behind the other
Breadcrumbs lost under the snow”


One thought on “Leaving the light on; boats are bad but boils are worse

  1. Ha it stops being about boats but I didn’t make it that far either. Borrrring. I want to try his other books Lord Jim and the one w the offensive name.

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