Tales from the yard

I’m feeling kind of sad and hopeless today, so instead of whinging I’ll tell you about the four-leggeds in my life. The yard cats were full of themselves this weekend. Basking in the winter sun, and making ridiculous frolicking poses. Here’s Heidi doing a little impromptu interpretive dance.







Buster was a little bit bolshy (horses eh?) and kept shuffling around while I groomed him, desperate to get his head inside the stable incase by some miracle, he had grown a go-go-gadget neck and could now reach his haynet (no mate, you still can’t reach it). For a horse who regularly gives himself a facial mudpack, this particular manoeuvre was less than helpful, and he smugly marched off for a grass snack while I was putting his bridle on. I got comically dragged along holding reins and jumping to avoid the trailing leadrope yelling ‘STAND!’ and just  hoping he didn’t a) trash his bridle by stepping on the reins or b) tread on the leadrope and trip himself up and c) tread on my feet while I tried to avoid a and b happening. I was rescued by my friend who laughed at me then held the beast still while I completed the bridling process. Oh the shame! I had a perfect photo opportunity with buster too but just as I got my phone out he stepped dangerously close to my abandoned hat…he so cute with his shaggy unclipped winter coat! maybe next time eh?

“Thunder wishes it could be the Snow
Wishes it could be as loved as she can be”


3 thoughts on “Tales from the yard

  1. Ha that cat is crazy. Hope focusing on the animals made your day better.

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