The Humiliation Game

How does it feel to be humiliated? How does the humiliatee feel? Is it ever ok to deliberately humiliate someone? What about plotting and threatening to do so?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m somewhat socially awkward as a human being. I also admit that I do done stupid things and I make some colossal mistakes, but I rarely have regrets. Anyone wishing to humiliate me probably has a ton of ammunition, and I can’t hide from that, I just sit there and hope (but don’t trust) that they have sufficient respect for me not to bring those things up.
I guess I and probably most others too have another issue: when people keep putting me down, laughing at me, making fun of me and making me feel powerless, something horrible happens in my brain, and I just want them to stop no matter what. So sometimes something slips out that ordinarily I’d never dream of bringing up but I’m just so damned beaten and impotent that I feel I owe it to myself to say something back. I’m like a tame cat that is just sick of being kicked and I finally scratch back. I guess the wise would say to turn the other cheek but there is a point where you start to lose your grip and are being thrown in a shallow grave of shame and perceived flaws and the only person who has the right to put you there is yourself.
Why do humans do this to one another?  Is it just some psychological power struggle? Is it just a game?

What game is this that I can be accused to being a manipulative bitch when I finally retaliate? What game has an open threat hanging over that if you try to fight back that they will humiliate you so badly, and that they know such terrible things about you that they’ve been storing up for such an opportunity?

I don’t want to play this game. I’m no good at it anyway.

“These foolish games are tearing me apart,
And your thoughtless words are breaking my heart.”

foolish games


One thought on “The Humiliation Game

  1. Words are the tools of your own destruction in this game. Better use your mitts. The old one two punch to the kidneys and solar plexus ought to shut em up and keep em from bringing that shit up to your face again.

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