Sometimes sticking to the rules kills a little bit of my soul (aka your rules suck but please don’t sack me)

I’ve got to chill out.
Yesterday I was told quite reasonably that we need, as a lab, to adhere more closely with health and safety legislation and unit policy.
So, rather than nodding and giving the command to the students, I did what I thought was the only thing I could. Argue like hell about why it was OK for us to not adhere to this one blanket rule because, quite frankly, there are circumstances where it is just silly. I took it as a personal affront that I wasn’t trusted to use my own discretion as to when the rule must be applied. I should have stopped there and calmed down, but….I didn’t, I just ranted on about ridiculous hypothetical situations and was all round being a childish smartass (at the time of course I was thinking how I’d make a damned fine barrister) but now I’ve slept on it, I realise I’m going to have to apologise, because as SO pointed out, the guy is just trying to do his job and I’m being a petulant child about it, giving a poor example for the students. I don’t know, maybe I’m a secret anarchist shackled under all this bureaucratic regime, waiting in vain for these opportunities to try and buck the system. I guess I was just defending our little tribe against the implied accusation that we don’t work safely, and of course no sooner do I leave the health and safety officers office, but I catch a student of ours failing to adhere to this very rule in a situation where he REALLY should. How. Embarrassing.


“So you start with your powertrip
You think I’ve lost my mind
But you might be the one who’s lost my mind”


2 thoughts on “Sometimes sticking to the rules kills a little bit of my soul (aka your rules suck but please don’t sack me)

  1. Oh no! That is embarrassing. I think you’d make a damn fine barrister, though.

  2. well it’s like my colleague said just before I vented spleen at the H+S guy that I get this look in my eye like someone’s bollocks are going to be on the street any minute… my sister IS studying law, but she seems to be less, erm, temperamental than I. I might not win all my cases, but I damned well go down fighting!

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