Oh take me with you

Oh woeful woe is me. What cruel fate must plunge me into so dreary and unrelenting a day! I awoke to the twin sensations of a belly full of eels, and a skull full of angry fighting pufferfish. I knew right then that I was set for a good’un.

I was meant to read a student’s report this weekend. I forgot. At 8:30am when I went to my work bag, there it sat, all pristine and unencumbered with strings of red ink. A great sigh ensued, and maybe a little groan of despondency. I cycled to the bike shop who proceeded to tell me not only that the job would cost 3 x what I expected, but also that women never use the back brake. Oh really? And just as I took a run up to get on my super high feminist horse, I realised that in my case, yes that is probably true, so I merely raised a single eyebrow, evoking no response from the bike fixer upper. The nice guy who used to do my bike fixing left apparently, so not only would I be ripped off and belittled, I would also have to either leave work around 4pm or get my damned bike tomorrow morning. That other mechanic used to stay until 6:30pm for me to collect. I don’t much like change.

And so onto the nauseo-bus wenteth I, complete with reading material. The reading sadly extended beyond the journey, into the lab and infringed most horribly on my toast and marmite break. I did a lot of sighing and exclaiming. It was deserved.

One of my colleagues ran the wrong samples for me, so I have a less than perfect dataset. Gah! I colour coded the damned tubes and specified what colour needed analysis….In his defense, I  think he might have an aversion to yellow and I certainly don’t blame him for that. Thing is, I remember seeing him with the blue ones and I never clicked that they were the backups. Doh!

I’ve got the next draft of that student’s report to read again (well I couldn’t make myself read the whole thing this morning) and I just want to sleep but I haven’t yet mastered scrawling in red ink while unconscious, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know.

The march is over
The great destroyer’


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