It’s raining cats and horses

Why the title?  It’s been raining all pigging day


Here is my 15’2 buddy Buster, striking his best show horse pose in the winter sun. The shadow is, of course, me.

We had a really great ride together, I togged the pair of us up in hi-vis gear and we charged off to terrorise the local deer population. Those 4 that we always see hanging around calmly didn’t know what apocalyptic events were unfolding as we cantered towards them! I have to add that because I was expecting a trippy horse and therefore imminent ejection onto the ground, I sat really deep and kept my heels down and I’m pretty sure we would have aced a dressage test with that pace but those pesky deer ran straight in front of our path, ruining the concentration of all and drawing our attention to the shooters who were approaching from the left. Now, we are fairly sure we have permussion to ride this stubble field, but just in case figured we’d exit the land before we were intercepted….or, yknow…shot.

I also had fun with the farm cats. One who was originally homed here on account of he was too feral to be picked up, attacked me for cuddles. I must have bent forward a trifle from standing and the damned noisy beast jumped right into my unexpectant arms and proceeded to purr loudly at me and do laps of my neck! Don’t get me wrong, he’s super cute and excellent at correcting my feline diction for me but I have genuine concern about the cleanliness of claws that go hunting rabbits all day long. That aside he’s the most friendly cat ever so I have no idea what they do to animals at rehoming centres but it can’t be that good..

I’m finally going to take my bike in to be fixed. I thought I could do without the rear brake but apparently not. I stopped to pick up something that a cyclist dropped, peddled over to them, hauled on the brake and sailed way on past. Oh the shame. The downside to bikefixedness, however, is that I’ll have to take the bus to work until they’ve fixed it and will consequently most likely be in a foul and paranoid mood all day. So I look forward to that.

 “I want two stars for arms like orion”


One thought on “It’s raining cats and horses

  1. Ha! My rear brake was broken too! Glad you didn’t get shot.

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