Vocabulary and style

I have nothing of worth to say but am desperate to write something. Like a trained artist who has great skill but nothing to say.

Ha! Well it’s not quite that, as the literary skill level of this blog is pretty piss-poor.
It’s more like I enjoy indulging in the familiar fantasy that if I only had something to say that I could be a great writer. I don’t know about you, but I’m in no rush to pour my heart and soul into writing only to find definitively that I cannot write for toffee. And so, thus entrenched in petty egotism I continue to mutter our these pointless, endless, fruitless boli of mismatched vowels and mixed metaphors.

Today I learnt a new word: Diaphorase (a flavoprotein capable of oxidising NADH). Not to be confused with diaphoresis (sweating) or diaphonous (translucent). I am not skilled enough to craft a sentence involving all three words. Or am I? The diaphoresis was visibly staining her diaphonous shirt, while she tried to explain diaphorases.

Ha! Job done.

“Psychotic burnout
Douse the flame out
This persecutor
Weird intruder”


3 thoughts on “Vocabulary and style

  1. Ha! Cannot write for toffee? That’s ridiculous.

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